Science Lead: Anne Cuthbert

Link Governor: Ursula Scott

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At St Mary’s CE Primary school, we want to harness our children’s curiosity in the world around them and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to discover answers. We want the children to recognise the impact science has had on their lives, their communities and will have in their future. By providing links to real life and exposing our children to role models in the field of science, we aim to inspire them to consider how they could play a part in this field. 



Our curriculum has been developed by staff to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum and to foster a sense of wonder by linking, when appropriate, our planned ‘Big Questions’.

Throughout the school, our children are encouraged to develop and use a range of working scientifically skills including questioning, researching and observing for themselves. We provide our children with a broad and ambitious scientific vocabulary to articulate their knowledge and discoveries.

Our annual year group plans are linked here and show where the Science Units are addressed. Teachers then create detailed termly plans which show the key science knowledge, vocabulary and teaching and learning ideas on more detail. We use PLAN Primary Science to support our progression, knowledge and assessment. 

A general overview of what is covered, and when, can be seen above.



Science Blog

So far this year, we have seen Science in action all around the school:

In September, Mrs Cuthbert was able to join Year 2 to see them carry out a study in our Habitat area, finding examples of 'living, dead and never alive' objects. Year 1 proudly showed off their knowledge of plants by playing a game with her.

Year 5 applied explored materials during their Harry Potter topic and Year 6 explored hereditary characteristics by thinking about the offspring Mr Men and Little Misses.

Term 2 got off to an exciting start for Year 4 as they applied their knowledge to group and classify living things during our nature walk to The Dingle.

Peek into out Gallery to have a look: