List of School Staff

Head Teacher - Mrs Naomi Clarke

Deputy Head Teacher - Mr Russ Payne 


Staff Shining Brightly!

We value our staff and encourage and support them to develop and using their talents and expertise to benefit not only our children, but also our wider social and educational communities. Some notable examples of this are listed below:

Mrs Naomi Clarke (Head Teacher): Head Teacher Mentor

Mr Russ Payne (Deputy Head Teacher): Local Authority Moderator for KS2 Writing & England Athletics Coach  

Mrs Helen Fudge (EYFS Lead): Local Authority Moderator for KS1

Ms Dani Bond (KS1 Lead): Local Authority Moderator for KS1 & Local Authority Leading Inclusion Practitioner

Mrs Anne Cuthbert: Teaching and Learning Lead Practitioner

Mrs Bethan Gault (Year 6 Teacher & Maths Leader): Local Authority Moderator for KS2 Writing

Miss Rachel Ballinger (KS1 Teacher & PE Leader): England Athletics Gymnastics Coach

Mr Paul Stokes (Site Manager): HSE Electrical Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Qualification


Senior Leadership Team

    Designated Safeguarding Lead:                                 Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads:                                          


    Mrs N Clarke                                      Mr R Payne                            Mrs H Fudge                      

                     Head Teacher                                           Deputy Head Teacher                 Early Years Leader                  

Inclusion Team

The follow experienced staff members form the team who oversee and coordinate support for:

  • children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND);
  • children in need of pastoral support with their Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH);
  • children who have English as an Additional Language (EAL);
  • and children who are Disadvantaged Learners or in receipt of Pupil Premium Grant (DL/PPG)

    SENDCo (EYFS-KS1)         SENDCo (KS2)            SEND/SEMH support             EAL Leader  


Dani Bond                           Liz Tawn                      Sara Morris                     Anne Cuthbert

                Link Governor: Bonnie van Zanten-Rice                          

Key Stage 2


Year 6

Mrs B Gault

Mrs B Walker

Mathematics Subject Leadership Team

RE & Worship Leader


Year 6

Mr M Cooper

Geography Subject Leader


Year 5

Mr S Biddle

Miss S Harries 

Computing Subject Leader

MFL Subject Leader


Year 5

Miss D Palmer

English Subject Leadership Team


 Year 4

Mrs F Lambe

Mathematics Subject Leadership Team


 Year 4

 Mrs A Cuthbert 

Teaching & Learning Lead Practitioner
EAL Leader
Science Subject Leader


Year 3

Miss N Heal

PE Subject Leadership Team



Year 3

Mrs L Tawn

Mrs S E Morris

Inclusion Leadership Team

History Subject Leader

Key Stage 1




Year 1 & 2

Miss R Ballinger

PE Subject Leadership Team 


Year 1 & 2

Mr S Kilkenny

Mrs K Payne

Early Career Teacher


Year 1 & 2

Miss D Bond




Mrs K Imeson 

KS1 Leader
Inclusion Leadership Team 
DL/PPG Leader
PSHE Leader

Forest School Leader

Foundation Stage


Foundation Stage

Mrs H Fudge

EYFS Leader
English Subject Leadership Team
Music Subject Leader


Foundation Stage

Mrs J Hill

Art Subject Leader
DT Subject Leader

School Administration

Mrs L Stephenson (School Business Manager)

 Mrs H Ashdown (Admin Assistant)

Miss S Howse (Receptionist)


Breakfast Club

Mrs C Bounds, 

Mrs L Howse


After School Club

Mrs C Bounds, Mrs C Eastman,

Mrs K Gustar, Mrs K Newton,

Mrs P Renner, 

 Mrs P Winter and Mrs S Wickson


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Farr

(ELSADisadvantaged Learner Advocate)

Mrs G Stevens

(Bus Liaison Officer, Worship Coordinator,
Disadvantaged Learner Advocate)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Abbott

Mrs C Bounds

Mrs T Chivers

Mrs C Eastman

Ms K Edwards

Miss A Entwistle

Miss H Farrow-Moss

Mrs K Gunton

Mrs K Gustar

Mrs T Ham

Mrs J Hargreaves

Mrs L Howse

Miss M Looker

Mrs V McKerrow

Mrs S J Morris

Mrs S Taylor

Mrs J Wadsworth 

Mrs T Ward

Miss S Wickson

Mrs P Winter


Mid-day Supervisory Assistants

Mrs C Eastman   

Ms K Edwards

Miss Farrow-Moss

Mrs K Gustar

Mrs L Howse

Miss M Looker

Mrs V McKerrow

Mrs S J Morris

Mrs K Newton

Mrs P Renner

Mrs S Taylor

Miss S Wickson

Ms E Wilson




Mr P Stokes

Mr L Sawyer



Mrs D Buckland

Mrs K Newton

Mrs C Oakley

Mrs H Ponting-Bather

Mrs S Woolford