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Recent Inspections & REVIEWS

We welcome every opportunity to reflect and improve our practice and the chronology below (beginning with the most recent visit) provides an insight to the feedback and dialogue we have had from reviews and inspections from a variety of professional agencies, all focused on school improvement. 

Challenge Partner Quality Assurance Review 2021

We had our most recent external Quality Assurance Review undertaken by an experienced Lead Reviewer over two days in April, 2021, focusing on the following key areas. The review involved all senior leaders and class teachers. 

  • Area 1 - The effectiveness of curriculum adaptation to meet the needs of the school and all groups of learners.
  • Area 2 - The effectiveness of leadership at all levels.
  • Area 3 - Maximising parental and community engagement to enhance learning 

You can read read the full review here.

The following quotations provide a summary overview of the 2021 Quality Assurance Review: 

“St Mary’s places great emphasis on having ‘faith in everyone to shine brightly’. Christian values, carefully intertwined with British values, underpin the school’s ethos into which all pupils and their families are welcomed.”

“The highly effective inclusive practice values the uniqueness of every child and aims to develop the self-esteem and skills they need to be successful in life.”

“All staff are provided with a wealth of professional development which enables them to carry out their roles with knowledge and skill. Class teachers… demonstrated clearly their immense enthusiasm, drive and commitment to achieving the very best for the pupils in their classes, as well as for the subjects they lead.”

“A carefully crafted and detailed curriculum for foundation subjects and science has been created collaboratively. This appropriately begins with a creative Foundation Stage curriculum led by skilled and experienced Early Years staff. It has the school’s values, with a Christian perspective and British values at its heart. Worship themes and topics from the personal, social and health education (PSHE) scheme are carefully interwoven, alongside ‘big questions’ which engage pupils in deep thinking.”

“The mathematics curriculum has been carefully adapted as a result of rigorous school self-evaluation… following a period of research, professional development and scrutiny of best practice.”

With reading and vocabulary initiatives, “…shared ownership and staff enthusiasm ensured that everyone proactively implemented the agreed changes… [which] secured consistency across the school and improved outcomes. A love of reading is promoted.”

“The headteacher and deputy headteacher lead the school with dynamic professionalism, supported ably by senior leaders. All staff play a pivotal role in driving forward improvements with a strong team spirit and sense of purpose which is clearly evident at every turn.

“Pupils with SEND are carefully monitored by the experienced and proactive coordinator to ensure that their support is relevant and targeted, whilst the pastoral lead works tirelessly to ensure that barriers to learning for vulnerable pupils are removed. The attainment and progress of disadvantaged and EAL pupils are also closely monitored to ensure that they achieve as well as their peers.”

“A highly effective and detailed pupil tracking system, created by the school, ensures that no stone is left unturned in identifying next steps which enable every child to achieve their very best.” 


Previous Challenge Partner Reviews identified the following Areas of Excellence at St Mary's:

  • Area of Excellence 2018: Pastoral and well-being support
  • Area of Excellence 2017: Assessment and monitoring

  • Area of Excellence 2016: Phonics


Ofsted Inspection 2017

Following the inspection on 16th November 2017, we are pleased to report that Ofsted concluded that St Mary’s “continues to be good.

The inspection recognised that…the leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection and it was noted that we have …made many improvements to teaching and learning. The School Leadership Team have high expectations for teachers and these are very clear.

We were proud Ofsted reported to Mrs Clarke that parents and the local community recognise the strengths of your leadership [and] would recommend the school.

Our tracking, monitoring and interventions are …helping current pupils to achieve their potential” and ensure that “if pupils are slipping behind, they are supported well. Furthermore, there have been sustained improvements for disadvantaged pupils.

We were pleased that the feedback noted that our children’s emotional needs are being met well, with the pastoral leadership identified as invaluable.

Learning is progressing well for children with special educational needs, because staff have a clear understanding of their needs.

On the essential area of safeguarding, Ofsted found that we …make sure that pupils are safe and secure in school. You work determinedly, yet sensitively, with pupils, parents and external agencies to monitor and support the most vulnerable pupils. Safeguarding arrangements are secure and part of the school’s culture.

If you would like to read the full report please click here.


Previous Challenge Partner Quality Assurance Reviews

Previous Challenge Partner Reviews identified the following Areas of Excellence at St Mary's:

  • Area of Excellence 2018: Pastoral and well-being support
  • Area of Excellence 2017: Assessment and monitoring

  • Area of Excellence 2016: Phonics


SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) 2015



In July 2015 we were inspected under the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools.  We are delighted that the outcome of the inspection (which evaluates the Christian ethos and learning within the school) which graded St. Mary’s as Good overall (and ‘Outstanding’ for the school's ‘distinctive Christian character’).

Our thanks to all the children, staff, governors and parents of St. Mary’s who all work very hard and give so much every day, to make our school such a special place. You can read the report here.


Ofsted Inspection 2013

In July 2013, an Ofsted Inspection team found St Mary's to be a 'Good' school "which shows that pupils are currently making good progress and achieving well throughout the school, whatever their starting point." 

If you would like to read the full report please click here.


You can visit the Ofsted website by clicking the image below.