Below is a selection of the policies the school follows. Other policies are held in the school office. Please contact us if you would like to see any.

Accessibility Plan (April 2016)

Anti-Bullying Policy (September 2018)

Child Protection and Safeguarding (September 2018)

Keeping Children Safe in Education link to the Department for Education's document (September 2018)

Code of Conduct for Staff (September 2018)

Code of conduct for Teaching & Support Staff (May 2018)

Complaints Policy (July 2016)

Data Protection Policy (March 2019)

Parents' Privacy Notice - children's data (March 2019)

Parents' Privacy Notice - parent's data (March 2019)

DBS Procedure and Policy (April 2016)

First Aid Policy (September 2016)

Good Behaviour Policy (May 2019)

Special Educational Needs Policy (January 2019)

Health and Safety Policy (Dec 2018)

Internet Safety Policy (March 2018)

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Policy (May 2018)

Charging and Remissions policy (July 2018)

Home School Agreement (June 2018)

Single Equality and Diversity Policy (September 2018)

Whistle Blowing (June 2019)

Volunteer Code of Conduct (September 2018)

Car Parking policy (January 2019)