Special Educational Needs - Home Learning Support

Welcome to Mrs Tew and Mrs Tawn's area of the St Mary's virtual school.

Here we will have some useful documents and links to things that might help with learning and keeping your mind healthy.

Most of the information on this page is for parents and carers to help support their children. 

If you have an EHCP or are one of our vulnerable children we will be keeping in touch regularly to make sure you have everything you need.

Here we will post any links  to free resources that you can access

Communicate in print is a symbol based software that enables you to make visual aids for children who need it. You can download a free trial from their website


Coping with loss?

Wiltshire Treehouse offer bereavement support for children and families in Swindon and Wiltshire


 Covid 19 bereavement support children and young people.pdfDownload
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Here are a few resources that might help!


Feeling stressed?

This exercise is to help children manage their stress and anger.

The document below is called Tucker Turtle and helps children learn a skill to manage their emotions when all gets too much.

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There is also an online book which helps to explain what Coronavirus is to children



Make sure you look after yourself!

The document below gives some ideas on how to make sure you take care of yourself at this time

 Looking After Yourself.docxDownload
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Parenting tips and videos to help manage stressful situations


Need any support for ASD? The document below is made by Wiltshire LA and has lots of useful resources

 SWASS for primary school children.pdfDownload
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Sensory Overload?

Try these websites https://otplan.com/activities/ and 


They have lots of ideas on how to help manage stress and anxiety that can caused by sensory overload

Need someone to talk to?

Wiltshire parent carer council are there to help



The Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub can help too!

The wiltshire wellbeing hub is available to anyone who is struggling during this

difficult time, such as people who are shielding or self-isolating and don't have a

support network around them or know where to get help. 


Wiltshire Council's team can help provide support but also signpost them to where

additional help is available in their local area with hundreds of community groups set-

up across the county providing invaluable assistance.

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Help with key learning




speech and language support for parents


concerned about healthy eating?



Popplet- helps with planning and organising your writing

DD's dictionary- spelling dictionary with voice recognition to help with finding correct spellings

The vehicles typing- (lite version is free) typing practice

BBC dancemats- helps with typing https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zf2f9j6/articles/z3c6tfr


Reading support



Mental health support

what is mental health?


 Twinkl have developed some fantastic resources which can help support you.




Self esteem