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School Improvement

St Mary's has a key school improvement document which identifies our carefully identified priorities for improving the education and welfare of our children.

The key areas in the School Improvement Plan:

  • underpin our decision-making;
  • form the reference point for all our monitoring and quality assurance processes;
  • are shared, shaped and developed by all stakeholders.

The key focus areas direct the ongoing professional conversation in the school. We consider it essential that everyone in the school is able to contribute to this crucial documentation. As such they are formally reviewed the Senior Leadership Team, Governing Body, and teaching and support staff on a termly basis.

Key Frame for School Improvement



The priorities areas for the current academic year are summarised below: 

Priority 1: Nursery Provision

Focus: Extend the recognised good practice of the school and high-quality leadership across the new Nursery provision.

Leaders: Helen Fudge, Naomi Clarke, Liz Stephenson, Hannah Ashdown


Priority 2: Community Social Action

Focus: Empower pupils to engage in social action within the local community and make small changes to benefit their health and well-being. For those leading this area to consider economic impact on families (including reference to the Affordable Schools Strategy) and reducing the environmental impact of the school community.

Leaders: Martin Cooper, Fliss Lambe, Bianca Walker, Glenys Stevens


Priority 3: Outdoor Play and Learning

Focus: Implement OPAL in order to enrich and enhance children’s playtime and lunchtime experiences in order to develop more sophisticated social skills, improve physical stamina and mental health.

Leaders: Jodie Hill, Kathy Imeson, Sarah Harries, Elizabeth Wilson, Kerry Gustar


Priority 4: Formative Assessment

Focus: Use formative assessment accurately to highlight gaps in pupils’ understanding, particularly in mathematics and writing (including identifying where pupils have developed misconceptions). Address this through excellent teaching informed by excellent formative assessment.

Leaders: Anne Cuthbert, Russ Payne, Bethan Gault, Dianne Allsworth