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At St Mary’s, we understand the challenge presented to children and their families because of COVID-19 lockdown. Whilst many children were able to attend school for some time during this period, we recognise that many children have missed over four months of schooling. The impact of this is significant.

We appreciate the barriers and challenges that have faced parents during this period of home schooling and recognise that all children have experienced different levels of support, engagement and access to technology. However, we are clear that these challenges can be overcome.  For disadvantaged children, the evidence base strongly suggests that the most effective way to improve outcomes is through excellent classroom teaching.  We believe that this is also the case for all children returning to school. Excellent classroom teaching can be achieved by all teachers with high quality professional development, sharing of outstanding practice and open and honest conversations about learning. 

During the 2020-21 academic year, St Mary’s anticipates receiving in the region of £29,800 in catch-up funding. This is based 373 pupils on roll receiving £80 each. There is a further estimated £6000 as the Covid Recovery Fund. Our strategic catch-up plan is based on these figures and is in addition to additional funding received as part of the Pupil Premium Grant.  In deciding on how to most effectively use this funding to provide effective catch-up, we have considered evidence and guidance from:

  • Education Endowment Foundation COVID-19 Support Guide for Schools
  • Education Endowment Foundation Guide to Supporting School Planning: A Tiered Approach to 2020-21, and
  • DfE Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium guidance.

In addition to this, EEF research evidence has been used to identify best practice models with high impact outcomes for children.

Our strategic catch-up plan is informed by our strong starting point of curriculum review; identification of recovery, review and reconnect priorities; our knowledge of our school community and key pupil groups; and a robust model of assessment to inform teachers’ planning and curriculum offer. We have adapted to new routines, are confident in our capacity to make these changes, have ensured rigorous staff training and have proactively considered how we will respond to new challenges that may arise during the academic year ahead such as falls in attendance, the need for remote learning or staffing demands.


Click the image below to read our Catch-Up Strategic Plan
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