WELCOME TO Horizon Class!

Can you find out how 'Horizon' links to our new astronomical theme?

Class Teachers: Mrs K Payne and Miss A McDonald

Teaching Assistants: Mrs K John     

Welcome to Year 2!

We hope you had an enjoyable summer holiday and are ready for a fun-filled, action-packed Autumn Term.

We are incredibly excited to be starting Term 1 with an exciting new twist. St Mary's has implemented some changes over the summer break, and will be embracing a new astronomical theme. Our classes no longer have numbers and are named after spacecraft, probes and exploration rovers. 

We have re-named our house teams, but are still allocated to the same colours associated with school events like sport's day. The new house names and colours  are: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Mars.

Throughout the Autumn Term, Year 2 will be looking into where our food comes from. We will explore countries, continents and oceans as we think about the journey our food takes before arriving at the supermarket or local shop. We're excited about getting out and about in the local area, visiting the allotments, Quarry Farm and some shops. We also look forward to delving into Beatrix Potter's beloved classic, 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit', as our focus text in English. 

In Maths, we will be building on the skills learnt in Year 1, securing our knowledge of place value in numbers up to 100.  We will be counting objects and recording our answers in numerals and words, recognising place value in a two-digit number (tens and ones) and representing this using different methods.  

Please remember that the mathematic methods and strategies taught in school today are different from those that many parents are familiar with: this can cause some confusion when parents are supporting their child at home. In order to help, the document below shows the main methods taught (in specific year groups) for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Whilst each child’s individual progress varies, of course, most children will acquire the listed methods by the end of the school year.

An overview of calculation strategies and methods - click here: Key Stage 1  

Key Dates for Term 1

Monday 2nd September: Start of Term 1 

Friday 18th October:  End of Term 1

(Please Note: we do our best to arrange these activities, but please be aware that they are intended activities and are subject to change.)


We are continuing to help your child develop their reading skills at school, endeavouring to hear them read individually at least twice a week. It would be very beneficial for your child if they are heard to read daily at home. Please remember to record any home reading, along with any comments in their individual reading records. We are in the process of updating and changing our book band system; please do not panic if the colour stickers appear to be different to the system used when your child was in Year 1.

To further promote reading at Year 2, every time a child completes 1 page in their reading diary, they will be awarded a house point token.

We are no longer in pursuit of 5 complete pages by the end of each term and instead have a new challenge.
In the classroom, you will see a display entitled '50 Books to read before Year 3!'. We are setting the children a challenge to read (or have read to them) each title by the end of July. The children may read these at home, in school or any other favourite place to read.

A full list of all 50 books can be found at https://www.booksfortopics.com/year-2.  A printed copy will come home this week. 


The following websites are recommended to promote the practice of reading and phonics at home: 

(Phase 2-4 Games will consolidate learning from EYFS, Phase 5 games will consolidate learning from Year 1.)

(You have to register to access the above site... however it is free and has access to over 250 ebooks which are tablet friendly!)


When supporting your child with reading and phonics, please remember to...

  • Say each sound in the word from left to right.
  • Blend the sounds by pointing to each letter, i.e. /b/ in bat, or letter group, i.e. /igh/ in sigh, as you say the sound, then run your finger under the whole word as you say it.
  • Be careful to only say the sound and don't, for example, add in an 'uh' sound when saying sounds like 'b' (which is a very soft sound just made with your lips, and shouldn't be pronounced 'b-uh' or 'bee' (which is the letter name, not its sound). 
  • Talk about the meaning if your child does not understand the word they have read.
  • Work at your child’s pace.
  • Always be positive and give lots of praise and encouragement.  

Year 2 are timetabled to participate in PE lessons EVERY Tuesday and Thursday.
Please ensure your child has weather appropriate kit in school at all times, and that it is clearly labelled.

If you are interested in volunteering in school please speak to you child's class teacher. 
(You will need to be DBS checked, if you haven't already been checked please see Mrs Stephenson in the office.)

Many thanks for your continued support,

Miss Bond, Mrs Payne & Miss McDonald