Enterprise Class

Have you been able to find our how 'Enterprise' links to St Mary's astronomical theme? 

Class Teacher: Miss Danielle Bond

Teaching Assistants: Mrs C Bounds & Mrs L Howse

PPA Cover (Thursday PM) - Mrs C Bounds



You can see our curriculum overview by clicking the image above.

You can read more about our curriculum here: www.st-marys-purton.wilts.sch.uk/our-curriculum 


 Our BIG Question: How did The Great Fire of London change Britain? 

Our Class Text: Toby and the Great Fire of London by Margret Nash and Jane Cope


PE: Our PE lessons will take place on a Wednesday and Friday.
(Pupils can wear their PE kit all day, PE kits should be plain (no football shirts, etc.); footwear is black daps/pumps or trainers; tights should not be worn under PE shorts; hair should be tied back; and earrings must be removed.)



How to Help at Home:

The following websites are recommended to promote the practice of reading and phonics: 

(Phase 2-4 Games will consolidate learning from EYFS, Phase 5 games will consolidate learning from Year 1.)

(You have to register to access the above site... however it is free and has access to over 250 ebooks which are tablet friendly!)

When supporting your child with reading and phonics, please remember to...

  • Say each sound in the word from left to right.
  • Blend the sounds by pointing to each letter, i.e. /b/ in bat, or letter group, i.e. /igh/ in sigh, as you say the sound, then run your finger under the whole word as you say it.
  • Be careful to only say the sound and don't, for example, add in an 'uh' sound when saying sounds like 'b' (which is a very soft sound just made with your lips, and shouldn't be pronounced 'b-uh' or 'bee' (which is the letter name, not its sound). 
  • Talk about the meaning if your child does not understand the word they have read.
  • Work at your child’s pace.
  • Always be positive and give lots of praise and encouragement.