Welcome to Class 1

Our Teacher is Mrs Fudge.

Our TA is Mrs Wadsworth 

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Let's fly to...To the moon and beyond!


Welcome to Terms 5 & 6

Here go the final two terms of Reception. The time has flown. During Term 5 we will be flying around the world and landing in India and Africa. We will be continuing our focus on story writing and encouraging the children to have a go at writing their own stories and in Term 6 we will land on the moon! We would like children to continue practising reading and writing both the phase 2 & 3 tricky words and to be using these correctly in their writing.

In maths we will be reviewing our numbers to 20, ensuring that we can read them all and order them, knowing 1 more and less. We will then build upon our addition and subtraction knowledge and see where that takes us. 

Much of our PE will take place outdoors now in preparation for Sports Day. Please ensure your child has a sun hat in school and if you wish to pack them sunscreen, please put their name on it. Children will be given the opportunity to apply this themselves before lunchtime.  

 We will continue with our weekly welly walks. Thank you so much to parents and grandparents who have volunteered so far. If you are interested in joining us, please do so as we cannot continue without adult support. Please note that parents who regularly help in school will be given priority in helping on our exciting school trip in Term 6.  

We still plan to try to take the children to the Dingle this term to have a forest school experience. More details on this will follow shortly.  

Parents will no longer be able to come into school with their children in the mornings. This again is for safeguarding reasons but also to benefit the children as we begin their transition into Year 1.

We will  now be revisiting all of the phonemes that we have already learnt. This will give us the opportunity to practise and consolidate the reading and writing of them. Please ensure that your child is completing their homework each evening to help with their consolidation of this. Children who are regularly completing their homework are more confident with reading and writing the sounds. 

 Two really useful websites for this are www.phonicsplay.co.uk

and https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/alphablocks 

 Please continue to record all of your fantastic reading in your child's reading record. They are a very enthusiastic cohort when it comes to reading.  Please record any books that you have shared and discussed with your child or read to them. If the children complete 5 full pages in their reading record each term they receive a small reward in assembly.  It is an extremely short term, therefore, children will need to record a reading session almost every day to gain their award this term. 

Please do see us at the earliest convenience if you have any queries or concerns.

Key Dates for Term 6
Monday 3rd June: Start of Term 6

Tuesday 4th June: Trip to 'We the Curious'

Wednesday 5th June pm: Sports Day

  (Please Note: We do our best to arrange these activities, but please be aware that they are intended activities and are subject to change)


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