Welcome to Challenger Clas

Our Teacher is Mrs Fudge

Our TA's are Mrs Wadsworth, Mrs Broadfoot,  Mrs Morris and Mrs Farr

Welcome to Autumn Term 1-your child's first term at school!

Well done to all of your fantastic children for settling into school life so well. 

These first few weeks of school will focus on learning all we need to know about the school environment, understanding the school rules to keep everyone safe and happy and ensuring that all children are settled and happy in school. 

We will then move onto getting to know each other really well before looking at how we are similar and different to each other through the use of Elmer the Elephant stories. 



By now your child will have come home with a wordless book for them to 'read' to you, a picture book for you to share with them and a new reading record. Please record in here every time you share a book with your child.  

Please make sure you are sharing a book with your child each and every day, it is invaluable to their development. 


Don't forget to bring in your Super Star achievements  to share with us at school! 

Please do see us at the earliest convenience if you have any queries or concerns