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Year 4's Home Learning Hub


Welcome to the Year 4's Learning Page. You will find snippets from the learning that is taking place this week incase you would like to show your adults what you have been learning or perhaps you are unable to come into school. If that is the case, we do hope to see you back soon! 

Your weekly homework will also be described here, so even if we are in class it is important to check here to make sure you are completing the homework tasks. 



oHomework for Week Beginning  30th December 2020

Subject Activity Notes
Maths We would like you to log into TT rockstars for homework this week. Remember to keep practicing your tables, they are so useful. 




Your spellings this week come from the Year 3 and 4 list:









Your teacher might tell you to concentrate on the BOLD words .

There have been Edshed games set for you. If you are unable to access them, please ask your teacher. 
Reading Read your reading book or '50 book' at least 3 times

Please fill in your Reading Record.

The full list of our 50 book can be found HERE

If you are a member of a Wiltshire library it is really simple for your grown up to access audio books of some of them. using RBdigital app. 

You will find: Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink

The Train to Impossible Places

Butterfly Lion



Monday 30.11.20

Subject Activity Notes

We continue looking at how regrouping works in addition calculations. 

Lesson and task

You can draw circles to represent counters in a grid or  print out these counters to use. 


We are going to be exploring job adverts (we are building up to writing a job advert for an Egyptian Pharaoh). Using the advert examples in the notes section, can you highlight/write down any words that are used in all of the examples. These will be useful when we write our own. 

Job Adverts 



This week we move onto the next chapter of The Butterfly Lion 'Miracle, Miracle' Listen to it here.


Tasks are here

The text for the chapter is here

Have you got a 50 book to read?


Keeping Active

It is PE today - we will continuing our dancing skills. You can keep working on this at home with a JustDance clip or a Cosmic Yoga session

Other Learning

PSHE: today we are  still 'celebrating difference'. We will thinking about all the ways we are special or unique. Can you complete a self portrait. When you have finished can you write all the ways you are special around your picture. Remember to keep these so we can display them in school.




Tuesday 01.12.20

Subject Activity Notes
Mathematics Find the next lesson, refining our mental addition methods here.

Game here

English Using the job adverts from yesterday, we are going to focusing on the grammar used in the adverts. Can you highlight or write down any conjunctions, pronouns, nouns and pronouns that you see.  


Reading Use the link on Monday to follow the chapter and find the tasks here.

Text attached on Monday

Keeping Active Jo Wicks still has lots of videos available to follow.  PE with Jo Link
Other Learning

Science. We are going to be dental scientists today. You will need some egg shells for this and a range of liquids (e.g. water, coke, juice, milk). Can you add a portion of egg shell to each of your chosen liquids (enough so the shell is covered). Can you predict what will happen to each shell and why? 

You will need to leave your shells for one week. Remember no peeking! 



Wednesday 2.12.20

Subject Activity Notes

Mental Maths addition focus lesson is here.

English We are looking at subordinate clauses today and making sentences. Can you create sentences starting with a subordinate clause and finishing with a main clause. 

Use this link to remind you what a subordinate clause is. 

You can use these sentence starters to help you


 The next activity for the Butterfly Lion is explained here.

Text attached on Monday




Keeping Active Relax with a Cosmic Yoga session HERE
Other Learning Handwriting: Can you spend some time this afternoon practicing your handwriting like we would on Wednesdays. You might also like to have a go practicing your spellings ready for Friday.



Thursday 3.12.20

Subject Activity Notes
Mathematics Here we look at another mental addition method.

English We are exploring suffixes and prefixes today. Can you have a go at the activity in the notes section, there is quite a lot here so work through what you can. 

Section 12 in the English task book given to you contains 3 sections on prefixes. Try P 68, 69, 70 and 71 to revisit the prefixes we have looked at in Read, Write inc session this year.


Reading We will be continuing to explore the chapter of the Butterfly lion here.

Text is attached on Monday 

Keeping Active You can choose to complete a cosmic yoga, Joe Wicks or dance session today. 
Other Learning

History: Can you write an argument for respecting the ancient Egyptians. Remember the resources for last week and try and explain 4 ways the Egyptians have earnt respect. 



Friday 4.12.20

Subject Activity Notes

 A game to consolidate our addition unit of work,


English We are going to have a free write Friday today. You can write a story, poem or report of your choice. Remember to use all the punctuation rules we have been working on.




Our final task linked to Chapter 11 of The Butterfly Lion. 


Text is attached on Monday

Keeping Active

Create an circuit of exercises around your garden or house. You can create areas for:



step ups

running on the spot

Can you get your whole family involved?! 

Remember: there are keeping active resources in the newsletter sent to parents last Friday. 


Other Learning

Art: We have been working hard making our Canopic jars. Can you research what the 'body of your jar' might look like. You could draw your final ideas. 





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BBC Learning


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Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).




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