List of School Staff

Head Teacher - Mrs Naomi Clarke

Deputy Head Teacher - Mr Russ Payne 


Senior Leadership Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead:                     Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: 


               Mrs N Clarke                                                    Mr R Payne                                Mrs H Fudge   

                         Head Teacher                                                     Deputy Head Teacher                        Early Years Leader


Special Educational Needs                               Well-being &                                      Disadvantaged Learner Lead  
   & Disability Coordinator                                Pastoral Lead                                               & Key Stage 1 Lead 

   Mrs L Tew                                                Mrs L Tawn                                                       Miss S Browne

Mrs Tew is currently on maternity leave 

Key Stage 2

Led by Mr R Payne

Class 14

Year 6

Miss D Palmer

Writing Coordinator

Class 13

Year 6

Miss J Jones

Maths Coordinator

Class 12

Year 5

Mr S Biddle

Computing Coordinator

Class 11

Year 5

Mr M Cooper

Geography Coordinator

 Class 10

 Year 4

Mrs S Morris 

History Coordinator

Class 9

 Year 3 and Year 4

 Mrs A Cuthbert 

 MFL Coordinator
Science Coordinator

Class 8

Year 3

Miss N Heal

PE Coordinator

Class 7

Year 3

Mrs D Campbell 


Mrs B Gault

History Coordinator
Able, Interested & Motivated (AIM) Lead

 Maths Coordinator

Key Stage 1

Led by Miss S Browne

Class 6

Year 2

 Miss S Harries  


Mrs K Imeson

RE Coordinator
Forest Schools Coordinator

Maths Coordinator

Class 5

Year 2

Miss S Browne

English Coordinator
Disadvantaged Learner Lead

Class 4

Year 1

Miss D Bond

PSHE Coordinator
School Council Lead
Pupil Mentor Lead

Class 3

Year 1

Mrs F Lambe

PE Coordinator

Foundation Stage

Led by Mrs H Fudge

Class 2

Foundation Stage

Mrs J Hill

Art Coordinator
DT Coordinator

Class 1

Foundation Stage

Mrs H Fudge

English Coordinator
Music Coordinator

School Administration

Mrs Liz Stephenson (School Business Manager)

Mrs Shirley Lawrence (Senior Admin Officer)

 Mrs Emma Wheeler (Admin Assistant)


Breakfast Club

Mrs C Bounds, Mrs B Broadfoot,

Mrs C Eastman, Mrs L Howse


After School Club

Mrs C Bounds, Mrs S Broadfoot,

Mrs D Southern, Ms C Vaughan 




Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Farr

(ELSADisadvantaged Learner Advocate)

Mrs G Stevens

(RE Coordinator, Worship Coordinator,
Disadvantaged Learner Advocate)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Abbott

Mrs H Ashdown

Mrs C Bounds

Mrs S Broadfoot

Mrs T Chivers

Ms J Duffy

Mrs C Eastman

Ms K Edwards

Mrs K Gunton

Mrs J Hargreaves

Mrs L Howse

Mrs K John

Mrs V McKerrow

Mrs S Morris

Mrs D Southern

Mrs J Wadsworth 

Mrs T Ward

Mid-day Supervisory Assistants

Mrs C Bounds

Mrs S Broadfoot

Mrs C Eastman   

Ms K Edwards

Mrs E Gonsalves

Mrs K Gough

Mrs K John

Mrs B Kavanagh

Mrs T King

Mrs V McKerrow

Mrs S Morris

Ms C Vaughan

Mrs T Ward

Miss S Wickson

Ms E Wilson




Mr L Sawyer


Handy Person

Mr P Stokes