Year 1 - Class 4

Teacher:  Miss Danielle Bond      PPA Teacher: Mrs Glenys Stevens 
eaching Assistant: Mrs Jayne Hargreaves Specialist Teachers: ESC Sports Coaches 


Welcome back, Class 4!  I hope you have all enjoyed your half-term holiday.

Our new topic 'Fire! Fire!' is packed with fun, friends and of course, lots of fantastic learning opportunities.
To see our Year 1 Parent Overview, please click the image below. 

We are very much looking forward to warming ourselves up in the coming cold days.
We will start by looking at Guy Fawkes, and why we celebrate bonfire night. We will then move forward in time, and investigate the Great Fire of London and look closely at Samuel Pepys.  We will think about how the fire spread and start to think about the dangers of fire, and how we can keep ourselves safe. 

We will be updating the website with information and photographs of what we have been up to. 
Unlike EYFS, we do not have online learning journals, as most of our work is recorded in Topic Books.  However, please keep checking the website for updates on all the exciting things we are doing. 

Key Dates
Week Beginning 6th November:
 Visit from the Fire Brigade
Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th December: Nativity Performances
Week Beginning 18th December: Fire-Side Stories
Tuesday 19th December: Christmas Lunch
**PLEASE NOTE - We do our best to arrange these dates in advance, however they are intended activities, and may be subject to change.** 

 Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset is about knowing mistakes aren’t bad, they are just a sign that we are learning.  Even as adults we can hold back from trying new activities because we worry about failure; but having a growth mindset allows us to accept failures and move on from them quickly.

This term we are focusing on knowing mistakes 'stretch' our brain, and we will be looking at strategies to help us get out of 'The Learning Pit'. 

Mathematics methods and strategies taught in school today, are different from those that many parents learnt when they were at school. This can cause confusion when parents are trying to support their child at home.  In order to help, the document below shows the main methods taught (in specific year groups) for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Each child’s progress is different; however, most children will acquire the listed methods by the end of the school year.

An overview of calculation strategies and methods - Key Stage 1  


We will continue to help your child develop their reading skills at school, hearing them read individually at least twice a week. It would be incredibly beneficial for your child if you listened to them read daily at home. Please remember to record any home reading, along with any comments in their individual reading records. If your child has 5 pages completed by the end of term they will receive a reading certificate!
It would be a fantastic achievement for every child to earn their certificate this term.

This term, we will be focusing on recapping all graphemes learnt throughout EYFS, and applying them in our reading and writing. We will be working hard to ensure the correct use of spelling patterns in our writing.  Some useful websites to explore at home are:  
(Phase 2-4 will consolidate learning from EYFS, Phase 5 will support learning throughout Year 1.)
(Any clips/games will help to support and consolidate learning.)
(You will need to register in order to access resources, however it is free and has over 250 tablet friendly ebooks.)