Year 1 & 2 - Class 3

    Teacher: Mrs Hill                                                                                    TA's: Mrs Abbott and Mrs Hargreaves

    PPA cover: Mrs Farr                                                                                 Specialist Teachers: Sports Coaches 

We're growing and learning in Term 6



Our topic for the summer terms is:


This term our focus is:


  For the Year 1 overview please click here

For the Year 2 overview please click here


We started the term by exploring nature.  We went on an animal hunt around our school where we spotted several birds, some mini beasts and most excitingly of all, some animal tracks!  We then spent the afternoon in our nature area creating our own Andy Goldsworthy art work.  Please see below for pictures of our natural sculptures.

This term we will focusing on geography and comparing our village with other countries.  We are also looking forward to designing and making our own healthy snack.

Key Dates

15th June—Sports Day (pm) 

                      15th June - Art Walk round (after school)

19th June— School Trip

27th June—Open Afternoon


  (Please note, we do our best to arrange these, but please be aware that they are intended activities and are subject to change)



Celebrating Term 5

Not everyone in our class managed to receive the 5 pages certificate, but we improved on last term!  I know we can get back to 100% this term and ensuring that your child has their reading record in school is essential in meeting that target. 

Congratulations to all in our class who did manage to get their 5 pages

Congratulations also go to our “Headteacher”, “Reading” and “Numbercruncher” award winners.  These three children were able to come up in front of the whole school to be celebrated. 



This term we will be focusing on “Awe and Wonder” as we investigate the natural world


Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural Development

This term we will be focusing on our Social development as we focus on the British value “mutual respect” and as we discuss what "truthfulness" means to us. 

Mind your language!

Over the next couple of terms we are really focusing on the language we use when we are talking about our work.  Last term we focused on mathematical explanation language and we really noticed the improvement when the children were answering questions.  This term we are going to be focusing on:


Phonics- Year 1

This term we will be focusing on learning most alternative graphemes for phonemes we have already been taught.  For example, ai, ay, eight, a, a_e, ey

A couple of useful phonics and reading websites are: 

You don't need to subscribe there are lots of free games.  Phase 2-4 games cover our learning in Foundation and Phase 5 will cover our learning this year.   

Any games or clips will help

You have to register to access the above site, but it is free and you can access over 250 free ebooks which are also tablet friendly.

Phonics in Year 2

We still use phonics in Year 2 and it is very important that the children use their phonic knowledge to spell unknown words, especially unknown words of 2 or more syllables.  We use “Read, Write, Inc. Spelling” to support us and the homework the children receive should support their learning of spelling patterns covered in Year 2.



Maths methods and strategies taught in school today are different from those that many parents learnt when they were at school.  This can cause confusion when parents are trying to support their child at home.  In order to help, the document below shows the main methods taught (in specific year groups) for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Each child’s progress is different; however, most children will acquire the listed methods by the end of the school year.

An overview of calculation strategies and methods - Key Stage 1  


 If you are interested in volunteering in school please come in and see us, we love having helpers in.

 (You will need to be DBS checked, if you haven't already been checked please see Mrs Lawrence in the office.)

With many thanks for your continued support.