A group of children, staff and Governors worked together to develop the vision by which we can all live at St Mary’s. Taking inspiration from the fact that the famous fifth Astronomer Royal, Nevil Maskelyne (1732 –1811), is buried at St Mary’s Church, we felt our ethos could build on an astronomical analogy. We have summarised this as:

Image result for star ‘Faith in Everyone to Shine Brightly’ Image result for star

We feel this phrase encompasses our strong belief that everyone at St Mary’s has the capacity to shine brightly in all they do. I am sure you’ll agree that all St Mary’s children are stars who can shine through their talents, attitude and efforts.

We use our ‘shining brightly’ ethos and the ‘stars and space’ analogy across the school to inspire everyone.



We have British Values flowing through our school, in the curriculum, behaviour policies and worship themes. Primarily these teach and reflect the values of:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Our worship themes can be explored here.



Children's Social, Moral, Social and Cultural development flows through everything we do at St Mary's. We aim to provides pupils with opportunities to explore and develop:

  • their own values and beliefs, religious or otherwise, whilst showing respect for different people’s faiths, beliefs, feelings and values;

  • their own spiritual awareness, developing their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence;

  • to have a positive, caring attitude towards other people and to understand how they can contribute to their school and the wider community;

  • an appreciation of their social and cultural traditions and the diversity and richness of other cultures;

  • to be responsible for their own high standard of behaviour and understanding the consequences of their behaviour and actions and the difference between right and wrong. 


Our worship themes underpin our SMSC work and you can find out more about them here.

Another key area is our approach to Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) which you can read abouthere.

St Mary's sensitive approach to behaviour issues also builds on our SMSC philosophy. You can read about 'good behaviour' here.