Meet your teacher for next year and listen to their welcome messages.

Look at these amazing videos of your performance poetry. We've loved watching them!

Here are the final 2 chapters of Letters From The Lighthouse in case you haven't listened to them yet. 

Chapter 24 - V for Victory 

Chapter 25 - United We Are Stronger

Year 5's Home Learning Hub

Thursday 16th July

Hi everyone, it’s Mr Biddle here. Thank you for those who joined me and Mrs Chivers on the Zoom chat yesterday, in case you missed it at the end: Thank you very much for all your hard work this year, it’s be loads of fun having you all in my class and I know you’ll continue to be great in Year 6!

I have a short riddle for you to solve today, the answer will be posted today at 3pm:

Timmy’s mother had three children.  The first was named April, the next was named May.  What was the name of the third child?



Timmy, of course!

Those going to Miss Palmer’s class, don’t forget you have a Zoom meeting with Miss Palmer this Friday at 2pm, the invitation will be sent 15 minutes before. We can only send the invite out to the adults who have signed the user agreement St Mary’s sent out, so make sure your adult has given permission to join the call. Miss Palmer has asked that you have a pencil and paper ready for your meeting.

Spirit Class, you’ll have your final meeting with your class and current teachers on Friday at 2pm.


Joke of the day

What do you call a monkey at the North Pole?


Important dates for your diary

Friday 10th July @ 2pm - Zoom call for Spirit and Pioneer

Wednesday 15th July 2pm - Final Zoom call for Pioneer class and transition session for Spirit and Mr Cooper

Friday 17th July @ 2pm - Final Zoom call for Spirit class and transition session for Pioneer and Miss Palmer

Staying safe

If you are not in school, you are still required to contact your teacher weekly. If we do not hear from you each week, we will be contacting you via email or phone call.  

These are some of the ways we can communicate or see that you are engaging from home: Email, guestbook, TTRS, Nessy and Mathletics.

You can contact us using the following emails addresses:

Mr Biddle:

Mrs Gault and Mrs Walker: 


Check out this fantastic presentation by Alex!

Year 5 Shining Brightly


We've had some brilliant postcards sent in. If you want to share what you've been up to, send us your postcard and we can display it here:

Our current class reader - The Witches by Roald Dahl

Chapter 1 - A Note About Witches

Chapter 2 - My Grandmother

Chapter 3 - How To Recognise a Witch

Chapter 4 - The Grand High Witch

Chapter 5 - Summer Holidays

Chapter 6 - The Meeting

Chapter 7 - Frizzled Like a Fritter

Chapter 8 – Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker

Chapter 9 - The Recipe

Monday 13th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Mathletics - fractions

Log in to Mathletics

This week you have been set 5 activities to complete this week:


  1. Are you ready?
  2. Equivalent Fraction wall
  3. Equivalent fractions
  4. Identifying fractions beyond 1
  5. What mixed number is shaded?


Once you have finished your assigned tasks you will unlock games you can play on the website.

Let us know which is your favourite!

Click here for a quick video about making equivalent fractions.


Click here to see a video about counting fractions on a number line.


Click here for a video about identifying fractions beyond 1


Click here to see a video about identifying mixed numbers.


Click here for a video about mixed numbers.


Wonderful Wizard Potions - click the picture to enlarge

Task: Write a potion poem
Read the poem above and then have a go at writing your potion poem. What magical things would you drop into your potion?

Follow my pattern above and think about the language you can use. Be as inventive as you can.

★ Try to make your items sound exciting by using alliteration – where
words start with the same sound e.g. fastest fairy, slowest slug
★ Use precise, powerful verbs that show things in a more exciting way
e.g. bursting, tumbling
★ Choose unusual things to add to your potion. Be as inventive as you
can e.g. a cloak made of cobwebs, shoes made of rain
★ Use opposites or pairs to create interest: 1000 and then 1, the
fastest and then the slowest, ‘the sound of …’ and then ‘the
smell of …’
★ Use a measure of something e.g. a touch of, a pinch of, a handful
of, a spoonful of, a list of …

Tomorrow you will edit and publish your poems. 

Click here for your poetry planner.

Watch this video for some inspiration -

This is a famous poem called 'The British', by Benjamin Zephaniah. 


Listen to Chapter 6 - The Meeting and then answer today's VIPER questions from below. 

V - What is turpentine?


I - Why does the boy’s blood turn to ice?


P - Predict what will be seen through the screen.


E - How does Dahl show but not tell you who the women are?


R - Who got nits at the boy’s school?


S - Summarise the boy’s emotions in this chapter in one sentence.



VIPERS answers

Follow this link to access the Ebook -


Keeping Active

Log in to TLG and choose a training video to complete.


Other Learning

Continue learning about how to stay safe online with lesson 7 from Think U Know.



Tuesday 14th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Equivalent Fractions 

Complete your allocated Mathletics activities here.

If you have finished, you can try these equivalent fraction challenge cards – the star rating of each challenge is in the top right corner.

You can complete as many of these as you like throughout the week.

The answers for the fraction cards are at the end of the document.



Yesterday you should have planned and drafted your poem. 

Today I would like you to read through your work and edit it.

Once you have edited your work I would then like you to publish your poems in best using the template provided. 



Read chapter 7 - Frizzled Like a Fritter 

In chapter 7 the Grand High Witch speaks in terrible rhymes, for example; A foolish vitch without a brain
Must sizzle in the fiery flame!

Make up another rhyme for the Grand High Witch to say.

Click here for today's task 

Keeping Active

Design your own HIIT workout (just like Joe Wicks).  Think of 10 exercises to include, for example, high knees, spotty dogs, burpees, lunges, star jumps, squats.  Do each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds before moving onto your next exercise.  

If you're feeling extra energetic, do the whole routine again! 


Other Learning


Everyone has a favourite proverb or wise saying. Talk to adults at home or at school about proverbs that they think give wise advice. See examples on the power point and at  On the brick template write a proverb and then draw an illustration to represent the words of wisdom. Remember to keep hold of your work and bring it back to school with you so we can build a ‘Wall of Wisdom.’

Click here for the powerpoint.

Click here for the brick template.


Wednesday 15th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Fractions beyond 1

Complete your allocated Mathletics activities here.

If you have finished, you can try these number sequence questions . 

Extra Challenge: Click here for reasoning and problem solving questions.

Check you are completing the correct challenge today:

1 star – questions 1-4

2 star – questions 5- 8

3 star – questions 9 – 12


Check your answers regularly to ensure you are completing the correct challenge.

The answers can be found at the end of the document.


A Wizard story

Write a story that has a wizard as the main character.

Use a story pattern that you know or perhaps you’d like to try this simple warning story structure:

Wizard character is warned not to do something.
Wizard character does the thing they are warned not to do.
Something goes wrong and the wizard is in trouble.
The wizard has to be rescued.
The wizard is punished for not listening to the warning.


Listen to chapter 8 - Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker

Visit the Ducksters website and choose a person who interests you to read about.  Can you record 5 facts about that person?


Keeping Active

It is Wednesday which is our golden mile day.  If you can, run or walk for 20 minutes and log your distance onto steps to summit. 



Other Learning


Coats of Arms

Have you ever seen a coat of arms? 

You don’t need to go to castle to see one, instead you can sometimes find them on the back of coins!

Coats of arms tell people about what the person, family or country have done that is brilliant or what is special about them.

Your task is to create a coat of arms to represent you or your family.  Click here to get more information about coats of arms. 

You may also want to come up with your own motto for the bottom.



Thursday 16th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Mixed Numbers

Complete your allocated Mathletics activities.

If you have finished, click here for a challenge that requires you to convert between improper and mixed numbers.

The answers to today’s challenge can be found at the end of each activity.

 There are videos in the Monday Maths box that can support the challenge today.


Wizard information text

Write an information text about wizards.

Tell the reader what they are,
where they live, what they do, what their favourite things are and end on some fascinating facts.

Click here to see an example of an information text


Read Chapter 9 - The Recipe

Write your own VIPERS questions for this picture - The Mysterious Door

Click here for question stems to start you off.  Try to think of at least 1 example for each of the VIPERS.

Click here for a bigger picture

Keeping Active

Play a game of your choice with a sibling or grown up (football, tennis, cricket, catch) or ride your bike/scooter.

Other Learning


Mrs Morris is fascinated with people who have changed the world. Use this link to choose a famous person from history (or choose your own), watch your chosen clip and create a fact file of their achievements. If you want to explore your character further, you could explore other sites (make sure your grown up is with you to help you do this).



Friday 17th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Complete your allocated Mathletics activities and choose some of the games to play.

If you would like extra maths today, develop your maths fluency facts by having a go at your maths badges.



Get creative! 

We have now come to the end of this wizard unit. Your task is to design and write an invitation, inviting wizards to an awards



Find a comfy spot and enjoy 20 minutes of free reading.  If you're after something new to read, remember an adult can sign up for free to the Oxford Owl website and you'll be able to access a range of e-books.


While you're reading, find an example of

  • a noun
  • a powerful verb
  • an exciting adjective
  • persuasive language
  • alliteration
Keeping Active

Have a go at the Pokemon yoga challenge.

Other Learning

Take a walk.

Go for a walk in your local area.  Look for evidence of flowers, seeds, berries and fruits.

Seed dispersal is when seeds are transported from the plant to another area in order to grow.

Talk to an adult in your family about why you think it is important for plants to spread their seeds over a wide area? 

Did you find some plants that would disperse their seeds through wind, animals, water or even explosion? 

Extra challenge

Use the template to make a helicopter seed and explore how it flies. 

Cut along the solid black lines and fold the dotted lines as shown in the picture. 








Leave a question or a comment for your teachers here...

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