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Good Morning Year 4!

Hello All! Happy Friday. We hope you are all well.

We hope you are all enjoying the activities we are setting for you and making sure to get active when you can. Have a look at the important information section below, there is some news for you.


Don't forget you can e-mail us any questions, work or simply just to say "Hello!". Please do so if you haven't yet - it would be great to hear form you.

I'll keep the link here in case you would like to look for signs of Spring on any walks you go on over the next few days. 

Keep shining brightly Year 4

Mrs Morris and Mrs Cuthbert.




Important Information!

We are now able to offer each of you a Nessy log in to help with your home learning. If your grown up goes to  www.nessy.com it will tell them all about this great programme.

You will be asked to complete a reading, spelling and writing assessment to set the right level for you.

By clicking on the > symbol under the words ‘My Targets’ it will take you to each assessment when you are ready. Try to complete these without any help so it selects the right level for you. You will then have free access to Reading Islands, Spelling Islands and Writing Beach. Your individual log in will save your progress as you move through the different activities and we will be able to see how you are getting on. We hope you will find it fun - don’t worry if the activities seem too easy at first, it will get harder as you achieve your goals.

To Log in: (pupils already using this programme log in as normal and you should now have access to Writing Beach)


Secret Word: supermink

Real Name: put your name

Monkey Name:  Your current TT Rockstars password (which is 3 numbers or letters)


Good luck and enjoy!

News Flash!
Steps 2 Summit logins reported to be working.  Remember, it works on PC's, Laptops and iPads but not mobile phones.  There is also a 'Joe Wicks' button ready for you to add your morning exercise sessions!
Have fun.

Wednesday's Broccoli Boy

Thursday's Broccoli Boy

Mrs Morris and Flo read 'The trouble with Jack' 

Mrs Morris reads 'A squash and a squeeze' for our Thursday story. 

Mrs Morris reads 'The upside down lion' for our Wednesday short story.  Enjoy Year 4..

Monday 30th March 2020

Subject Activity Notes

This week is all about time. It may take you all week to be able to show times confidently so the rest of the week’s challenges are suggestions for when you are ready.

There are lots of videos online which might help, but this document teaches all the information you need to know.  Today, use your clock all day to try and tell your adult what time it is when you do things – wearing a watch and having a clock close will be useful.

If you break or have lost your paper clock that we sent home - perhaps you could use a clock without a battery in....

Write a diary entry summarising the events from the day/week. If you can’t think of anything, think of a day/event that is particularly important to you.

Reading Read your book to a grown up or help a younger sibling to read their book. Focus on reading aloud fluently and with expression.
Keeping Active

Here is a bank of 5 activities to choose from this week:

1) Hop onto YouTube at 9am and complete a live PE lesson with Joe the body coach (search PE with Joe).

2) Choose a Go Noodle activity

3) Create a circuit activity in your home or garden. Choose 5 different locations in your home or garden, each location is a 30 second activity station. How many laps of your circuit can you do (ideas for stations: spotty dogs, star jumps, push ups, burpees and running on the spot.

4) Take a safe walk/bike ride with an adult from your home. This is a lovely activity if the weather is good.

5) https://family.gonoodle.com/activities/melting

This link will take you a wonderful relaxation video, perfect for days when you might be feeling grumpy, frustrated or worried.
Other Learning RE: Research the events of ‘Good Friday’ and record your findings in a story board with pictures and words.


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Make sure you spend some time learning how to tell the time this week use your paper clock to set the times given on this link. Don’t worry if you can’t do them all today. Take your time!!


Research an important building (anywhere in the world) and write of 5 questions that would help you find out more about the building.

Mrs Morris is fascinated by the Taj Mahal in India. That would be the building I would find out more about.

Mrs Cuthbert loves the look of the Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay. How do you think they were made?
Reading Read the text ‘Opening Night’ and answer the inference questions.
Keeping Active Choose from the bank of 5!
Other Learning

Art: Sock it to ‘em activity.

This link gives you details.


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Write a timetable to show a typical day for you at home so far – make sure you can show the times you choose on your analogue clock.

Need more? Now look at how to use digital times as well as analogue times using this link.

Write an information report about your local area. Remember to include headings and subheadings.

Reading Choose your favourite 50 book so far and summarise it by writing a blurb for the back of it. You can find some examples by looking at the blurbs of the books you have at home.
Keeping Active Choose from the bank of 5!
Other Learning History: Can you research and summarise a historical event that happened  on the 1st April. You can present this anyway you like e.g. leaflet, poster etc.


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

If you are still learning to tell the time keep going!

If you are ready for more, look at how to use 24 hour clock times using this link and add these to your daily timetable.

Time crazy? Follow this link to play a game to reinforce time problems.

Click here


Write a description about what you like/dislike about the area where you live? What would you change about your local area if you were in charge?

Reading 20 minutes of independent reading.

You can begin a Reading Log Bingo by choosing an activity here: link

Don't worry if you can't print it off - record the tasks you do in your Home Learning Book.

Keeping Active Choose from the bank of 5!
Other Learning


 How does our body work?

Go outside and use chalk to draw around someone's body, or draw a large outline on paper.

Can you draw what is inside your body? What does each part do? You can be as detailed as you like!

Click here

Look at the Human Body Interactive Simulation.

You can look in any reference books you have or research on the internet to make sure you position these accurately:

-bones (skeletal system)

-major organs

-digestive system

-circulatory system

We would love to see any pictures of these - we could upload some onto your page!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

If you mastered everything from this week, have a look at these time questions on this link. Remember that a number line is a great way to calculate time differences.

The answers are in the box to the right


More: Crack this challenge by playing a game - it's really fun!

Answers link

Write a short story about a special visitor coming to your local area. What happens? Is it a good thing? Or does something terrible happen?


VOCABULARY TASK Using your reading book, can you find:

-5 adjectives used

-think of 5 synonyms the author could have used instead.

E.g. cold = icy
Keeping Active Choose from the bank of 5!
Other Learning Geography: Last week you researched a country of your choice and found 3 interesting facts.  This week we are going to build on our fact file for your chosen country. Can you find out about what foods they eat in your country, would you like to try the food?


Leave a question or a comment for your teachers here...

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Casper(about a day ago)

This is so cool all the amazing work to do. Its very exiting to wait for the next day of work.

Daisy(a couple of days ago)

Thanks for all the fun work ps I miss you soo much year 4

lewie(less than a week ago)

Thank you for fun activities. love Lewie . P.S how are you doing

Harvey sainsbury(less than a week ago)

I managed to do the tasks but it took alot of effort. What are you doing Mrs cuthbert? It's very strange not seeing you but I am enjoying spending time with my mum and max doing the garden and playing on the xbox. Love Harvey

Flo(less than a week ago)

I really like it and its easy to use and access. Tasks are amazing. Thanks for setting interesting and fun activities!

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