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Nothing stops Year 3 'Shining Brightly' at St Mary's!

Congratulations to the ten children that have passed their maths badges (one has passed two badges!) - 2 Red, 3 Yellow, 2 Green and 1 Blue, 1 Gold Part 1 and  1 Gold Part 2!

Happy Easter Year 3.

We think you have been working incredibly hard in very trying circumstances.  Please make sure you have lots of fun over the Easter holidays and we look forward to posting lots of exciting activities after the holiday.

Stay safe and healthy,

From Miss Heal and Mrs Lambe.


Mrs Lambe - Pathfinder@st-marys-purton.wilts.sch.uk

Miss Heal - Insight@st-marys-purton.wilts.sch.uk


Mrs Lambe reads The Wizards of Once - End of Chapter 7 and the beginning of Chapter 8.

Mrs Lambe reads The Wizard of Once - The rest of Chapter 8.

Mrs Lambe reads The Wizards of Once - Chapter 9.

Mrs Lambe reads The Wizards of Once - Chapter 10

Monday 30th March 2020

Subject Activity Notes
Yellow Badge - 
Green Badge - 
Blue Badge - 

Click on the badge you are currently doing and have a go.  It is against the clock and if you get them all correct you will be told to move onto the next badge.  Don't forget to save or print your certificates to swap for a badge when we are back at school.

Tip: Use the 

to move down the questions if you are using a keyboard.  It's quicker!

























Click here to remind yourself about the topic.

Click here to discover the work.


One Star - 

Two Star - 

Three Star - 



Write a story about your own magic flying carpet.

Where would you go?

What would you do when you got there?

Click here for the writing checklist.

Reading 10 minutes of individual reading. How about recording yourself reading and emailing it to us?
Keeping Active

GoNoodle Physical Activity Site - 

Choose and complete 4 activities 

Have fun!


Class 7 - insight@st-marys-purton.wilts.sch.uk

Password - stmarys7

Class 8 - pathfinders@st-marys-purton.wilts.sch.uk

Password - stmarys8

Other Learning Make a picture of a bright sunny sun!  Put it in your window for all to see as they walk past. When you g for your walk, count how many suns you can find!


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Subject Activity Notes
Mathematics Count in Tenths - Reasoning and Problem Solving Activity.

Click here to remind yourself about the topic.

Click here to discover the work.


One Star - 

Two Star - 

Three Star - 

  • What is the robot doing?
  • Is it looking at the moth?
  • Why is the light bulb on his head lit up? Has he had an idea?
  • Is the shape of the wire inside the lightbulb important?
  • Does this robot have any friends or family?
  • Can he feel emotions? If so, how do you know? Which ones?
  • How do you feel towards the robot? Why?
  • Why is this image called ‘Patience’?
  • Talk/write about a time when you had to be patient. How did it feel? Was it worth it? Is being patient a good thing?
Reading Find your favourite book and read it for 10 minutes.  Write a sentence about why it's your favourite book.
Keeping Active

Cosmic Kids Zen Den Yoga

Your own choice.

Please ask your parents to set you up  a  https://www.youtubekids.com/


When you have your account search for the activity and have a go!

Other Learning

Set your self up near a window or in the garden.  Be as still as you can and record the birds that visit.

Write down any that are not on the list.

Click here for the bird watching list.


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Maths Game - Hit the Button.

Press the Doubles button and go!

English Punctuation and Grammar Mat.

Click Here to access the work.


One Star 

Two Star 

Three Star 

Reading Make 3 predictions based on the reading that you have done this week.  This could even be using 'The Wizards of Once' if you wish.
Keeping Active

Steps to Summit Training Video.


Remember to log it on your sheet.

Other Learning Help to cook the evening meal or bake something lovely.  Don't forget to send pictures and remember to help clear up afterwards.


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes
Mathematics Tenths as Decimals Click here to download the file.  Answer the problems into your book and then self mark.


English Spelling Mat

Click here to access the work.


One Star 

Two Star 

Three Star 

Reading Read aloud to an adult, sibling or pet. You could always do this in the garden!
Keeping Active

Just Dance -  song of your choice.

Dance your way to fitness!

If you are able to contact your friends then chose the same one - learn it and we can have a dance show when we get back!

Please ask your parents to set you up  a  https://www.youtubekids.com/


When you have your account search for the activity and have a go!

Other Learning Use the washing-up liquid to make a bubble mixture.

How many bubbles can you make?  Does it make a difference if the solution is weaker or stronger?  

Only make a little bit at a time - try not to waste the washing up liquid.


Friday 3rd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes
Mathematics Maths Badges

See the links

on Monday.


Write a book review about your favourite book.

Use the sheet attached for ideas.  Bring it back to school and we shall put it in the book corner.

Click Here for the sheet.

Use the sheet attached for ideas.  Bring it back to school and we shall put it in the book corner.

Reading Reading Comprehension about Palm Sunday. Click here for the work
Keeping Active Make your own exercise routine Can you make up your own routine and teach it to your family? Maybe take some pictures or a film of you doing it?
Other Learning Watch a film with your family.  Tell us which one you watched. Take a picture and send it in.


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