Dem Bones by PP

JE singing and dancing to 'Dem Bones'

E-SM Learning about 'dem bones!'

Healthy poems by LR

Vegetable poem by RS


Bad Dad by BG

Frogs on sun loungers


Why are bees important by EM

Life cycle of a sunflower by EM

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NEWS FLASH- There will be no access to Mathletics, TTRS and Steps to Summit after Friday 17th July.

Nothing stops Year 3 'Shining Brightly' at St Mary's!

For those of you with Mrs Morris next year, she has made this video for you!

For those of you in Mrs Cuthbert's class next year, there is a message for you in this video.

Congratulations to the forty-one children that have passed their maths badges (some children have passed 2 or more badges so far) - 8 Red, 8 Yellow, 13 Green and 8 Blue, 5 Gold Part 1, 5 Gold Part 2, 1 Gold Star Part 1 and 1 Gold Star Part 2!

Thank you Thursday 

 Happy Thursday!! Less than 1 week to go. It was lovely to see most of you yesterday for our final zoom call. 

Today is 'Thank you' Thursday. 

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives" - John F. Kennedy

Pick at least one person in your life you are thankful for and then tell them why you appreciate them!!

Please make sure you log onto the online resources, they are meant to be fun and they will support you with your learning.  

 Have a tremendous Thursday!!

Miss Heal and Mrs Lambe

Joke of the day

What do you call an exploding monkey?

A Bab-boom!


 What's your favourite joke? You could email your suggestions to us!

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When we see you have logged in, emailed, or commented we can fill in our register.  We do this every day so please make sure you make contact in one of the ways above at least once a week.

Thank you, 

Stay safe and healthy,

From Miss Heal and Mrs Lambe.


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Miss Heal reads 'The Explorer' Chapter 24

Miss Heal reads 'The Explorer' Chapter 25

Miss Heal reads 'The Explorer' Chapter 26
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Monday 13th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Warm-up with a Maths Badge practice.


 Add two 3-digit number not crossing 10 or 100

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint in PDF

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 2 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 2 in PDF

CLICK HERE for video lesson 

CLICK HERE for activity 

CLICK HERE for answers 


Click on the badge you are currently doing and have a go.  It is against the clock and if you get them all correct you will be told to move onto the next badge.  Don't forget to save or print your certificates to swap for a badge when we are back at school.

Tip: Use the 

to move down the questions if you are using a keyboard.  It's quicker!

Red badge - 

Yellow Badge - 


Green Badge - 


Blue Badge - 


Gold part 1


Gold part 2


Gold Star Part 1 CLICK HERE

Gold Star Part 2 CLICK HERE

Gold Star Part 3 CLICK HERE


 Talk for writing- Journey to the Jungle- Write away

Write away!
Now you’re ready to write your first Jungle Log!
★ Use your plan (and the model for Atanti if it helps) to draft your log on a
separate piece of paper.
Remember to:
• add detail to your sentences by using and or but;
• add explanation to your sentences using because;
• use fronted adverbials like After that or because, to start some
• check your capital letters at the start of sentences, full stops at the end
and commas after a fronted adverbial or the phrase introduced by the
fronted adverbial.
★ Don't forget to read your work and check it flows and
makes sense.
Well done! How about publishing your log? Follow the
instructions below to make a fold-out log. Draw your jungle
on the front and write your log inside!
You have a log! Write inside and draw your
jungle on the front

CLICK HERE for the activity 

Reading Read the poem 'Claws' and then answer the questions 

CLICK HERE for poem and activity 


Keeping Active

GoNoodle Physical Activity Site - 

Choose and complete 4 activities 

Have fun!

Class 7 -

Password - stmarys7

Class 8 -

Password - stmarys8

Other Learning

ICT- Online safety at home 



French - A tennis match



CLICK HERE for lesson and activity 




CLICK HERE for the powerpoint 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint in PDF

CLICK HERE for the activity 

CLICK HERE for the answers

Remember to try and complete the extra tasks at the bottom of the sheet


Tuesday 14th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Warm up with ttrockstars for 10 minutes.

Add two 3-digt numbers- crossing 10 or 100 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 1

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 1 in PDF

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 2 

 CLICK HERE for powerpoint in PDF

CLICK HERE for video lesson


CLICK HERE for activity 

CLICK HERE for answers



Warm up with Nessy  


Talk for writing- Journey to the Jungle- Final mission and design challenge- read pages 15 and 16 and then on pg 17 see activity 


 I would like to see a …
★ Design Challenge: What would tempt them out of their hiding
place? Use the space to draw and label a trap to tempt your creature out of its hiding place.

CLICK HERE for activity 



Reading comprehension about Usain Bolt 

CLICK HERE for reading comprehension and answers 
Keeping Active

Steps to summit challenge…

Log in to Steps to Summit and complete a training video.


Other Learning

RE- Courage 













Music- make up your own song based on what you have learnt about the topic healthy eating.

Things you could include:

-the importance of exercise 

-the different food groups. 

Everyone has a favourite proverb or wise saying. Talk to adults at home or at school about proverbs that they think give wise advice. See examples on the power point and at. On the brick template write a proverb and then draw an illustration to represent the words of wisdom. Key stage 2 extension (Year 3 and above): Think of a proverb and then either in a cartoon drawing or in words write a story using your proverb as the moral. Finish with the words: So this proves the proverb “……….” Remember to keep hold of your work and bring it back to school with you so we can build a ‘Wall of Wisdom.’

CLICK HERE for the powerpoint 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint in PDF

CLICK HERE for the brick template 



Try to include as many facts as you can to share what you have learnt with others. 


 Remember to share your songs and performances with us via email. 



Wednesday 15th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

 Warm up with Mathletics

 Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3 digit number- no exchange 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint in PDF 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 2 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 2 in PDF 

CLICK HERE for activity 

CLICK HERE for answers 

CLICK HERE for video lesson





Talk for writing- Journey to the Jungle- Planning your instructions 


Now plan your instructions for setting up the trap. Use the planner below
(and my instructions) to help you.

CLICK HERE for activity 


20 minutes of independent reading and then compare yourself to one of the characters in the book. 


Compare yourself!

How similar are you to the main character in the book? How are you different? Create a table of similarities and differences. 

For example: same hair colour, I am kind and so is ....I know is kind because......

I am different to ...... because I cannot make myself go invisible. 


Keeping Active

Zen Den Yoga

.Yoga with  Popcorn the dolphin 



CLICK HERE for the video
Other Learning


Art – Coat of Arms

and /or 






Science - Mighty muscles

Coats of Arms

Have you ever seen a coat of arms? 

You don’t need to go to castle to see one, instead you can sometimes find them on the back of coins!

Coats of arms tell people about what the person, family or country have done that is brilliant or what is special about them.

Your task is to create a coat of arms to represent you or your family.  Click the link to get more information about coats of arms. 

You may also want to come up with your own motto for the bottom.

CLICK HERE for activity 


CLICK HERE for powerpoint 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint in PDF 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 1 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 1 in PDF 

CLICK HERE for activity 

Useful website link:

Extra challenge- to research muscles further- what else can you find out about muscles? 


Thursday 16th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Warm up with Mathletics.

 Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3 digit number- with exchanging. 

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 1

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 1 in PDF

CLICK HERE for powerpoint 2

CLICK HERE for powerpoint in PDF 

CLICK HERE for activity 

CLICK HERE for answers

Useful website link with videos about subtraction with exchanging-






Warm up with Nessy 


Talk for writing- Journey to the Jungle- Writing your instructions  


Write away!
Now you’re ready to write your instructions! Use your
plan and draft them on a separate piece of paper and
don’t forget to check the punctuation and flow. Does it
sound bossy enough?

Let’s imitate the language and structure of mine to help you write yours.
★ Ask 2 questions to introduce the instructions: Are you mesmerised by the rare Soupee bird? Would you love to photograph this magnificent creature up close?
★ Use fronted adverbials to order the steps for the reader: First, trek
deep into the jungle where the trees are dense. Next, wait patiently.
★ Tell your reader what to do by using bossy, imperative verbs: trek deep
into the jungle, peek around the tree, choose a tree with a wide trunk,
play the classical music
★ Extend detail with a sentence of 3 things: Then, crouch behind the
tree, spray yourself with the perfume and cover your hat with leaves
★ Round off with a warning: Never use … Beware … Do not …


CLICK HERE for activity 



 Read your book for 10 minutes then complete activity 

 Story elements 

Identify the characters, setting, problem and solution. Tell us a little about these. You could create a table. CLICK HERE for an example template. 

Keeping Active


 Mini workout 

x20 star jumps 

x 20 spotty dogs 

X 5 shuttle runs- mark out your own distance 

High knees for 30 seconds 

Hop on each leg for 10 

10 side steps to the left and then to the right. 

You could complete two rounds of the above exercises 

Add your own exercises to the routine if you wish. 

Other Learning



 Pick a happiness activity and go for it!



 History: Mrs Morris is fascinated with people who have changed the world. Use the link below to choose a famous person from history (or choose your own), watch your chosen clip and create a fact file of their achievements. If you want to explore your character further, you could explore other sites (make sure your grown up is with you to help you do this)


Click Here for the Happiness Activities.


Friday 17th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Warm up with Maths Badges - see Monday for the link.

Problem solving- 


CLICK HERE for activity 

CLICK HERE for answers 

 For addition and subtraction use the methods you are familiar with. 




Warm up with Nessy 

Talk for writing- Now you have completed all of the challenges we are now going to plan writing a story. It can be based on Journey to the jungle, which is also very similar to 'The Explorer' our class book we have been reading. 








Extra writing challenges: 

More writing ideas based on Journey to the jungle-  

  • a list poem
  • an information text 
  • a letter 




Plan a story where your main character has an adventure in a magical jungle. Use a story pattern that you know or use this basic structure:


Once upon a time, …
One day, …
Unfortunately, …
Luckily, …
In the end, …

To plan your story you could draw a story map or use a  three box template for the beginning, middle and end. 


CLICK HERE for examples of a story map 

CLICK HERE for a 3 box template 

Remember to write key vocabulary for each picture you draw and then this will give you ideas when writing your story next week.  





Here are a few extra writing ideas from talk for writing: 

★ Write another list poem about somewhere else you could explore. Use the title: Through my telescope, I saw …

★ Write an information text about the creature that you captured in your trap.

★ Write a letter to a friend telling them about your exploring. Ask them to plan a trip with you.



Reading Reading activity with questions - The Lighthouse Town 


SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE with sounds of the 'Lighthouse Town.'

CLICK HERE for questions  

Keeping Active


 8 minute workout 2 with Joe Wicks- The Body Coach


CLICK HERE for further information.



Other Learning STEM activity 



Take a walk.

Go for a walk in your local area.  Look for evidence of flowers, seeds, berries and fruits.

Seed dispersal is when seeds are transported from the plant to another area in order to grow.

Talk to an adult in your family about why you think it is important for plants to spread their seeds over a wide area? 

Did you find some plants that would disperse their seeds through wind, animals, water or even explosion?


Extra challenge for all – Use the template to make a helicopter seed and explore how it flies. 

Cut along the solid black lines and fold the dotted lines as shown in the picture.  

CLICK HERE for pdf helicopter template.




Get moving and keep fit with these great videos and activities for children of all ages.

Free stories for children and adults to listen to.

Khan Academy

Especially good for maths and computing for all ages but other subjects at Secondary level. Note this uses the U.S. grade system but it's mostly common material.


BBC Learning

This site is old and no longer updated and yet there's so much still available, from language learning to BBC Bitesize for revision. No TV licence required except for content on BBC iPlayer.



Free to access 100s of courses, only pay to upgrade if you need a certificate in your name (own account from age 14+ but younger learners can use a parent account).



For those revising at GCSE or A level. Tons of free revision content. Paid access to higher level material.



Free taster courses aimed at those considering Open University but everyone can access it. Adult level, but some e.g. nature and environment courses could well be of interest to young people.



Learn computer programming skills - fun and free.



Creative computer programming


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Crest Awards

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iDEA Awards

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Paw Print Badges

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All kinds of making.


Prodigy Maths

Is in U.S. grades, but good for UK Primary age.


Cbeebies Radio

Listening activities for the younger ones.


Nature Detectives

A lot of these can be done in a garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location!


British Council

Resources for English language learning


Oxford Owl for Home

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Big History Project

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Geography Games

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Blue Peter Badges

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The Artful Parent

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Red Ted Art

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The Imagination Tree

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Toy Theater

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DK Find Out

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This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.  Month Free Access code is UKTWINKLHELPS