This week we will show you a picture of something familiar.  We will start with a very close image.

  • Look at today’s picture -What do you think the image is and why?
  • What does the image remind you of and why?


Image 1 - Tuesday 

Each day this week we will slowly zoom out. When you see each image can you -  

  • Describe the colours, shapes and textures?
  • Think what the image is and if you have changed your mind?

Image 2 - Wednesday 

Image 3 - Thursday 

Image 4 - Friday

Answers to the book characters quiz. 

I was planning on playing a trick on you all.  My daughter was going to edit some videos and pretend I could score while reading, but when I had a go I got it in!!




Click here to watch Mrs Imeson read

'The Higgledy Piggledy Pigs'. 

Here's Mrs Campbell reading Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson.

Hello  Discovery/Voyager class
I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.
I miss seeing your smiley, happy faces, but I have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely work that you have been doing at home. Keep up the good work!
I have been keeping myself busy too. When I’m not at school working at breakfast and after school club, I spend lots of time helping my son with his schoolwork. My daughter and I have been making lots of delicious cakes, which I have eaten far too much of!  I 
have been on lots of lovely walks around the village and have been lucky enough to see some of you. I have also been doing lots of jigsaw puzzles, exercise and have recently started learning Spanish. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some of what I’ve learnt with you when I see you next.
I’m looking forward to seeing more photos of you all whether it’s doing a great piece of work, learning a new skill or just simply having fun!
Take care everyone, see you all soon.
Mrs Bounds

Hello from Mrs Hargreaves!  Mrs Hargreaves said, 'This is a picture of me with some of the artwork I’ve been doing. As well as lots of painting and doing jigsaws I have been reading every day, exercising, and baking. I send my love to all in Voyager and Discovery classes and hope that you are all well and happy...'

Please email us weekly to let us know how
you’re doing because we miss you all - one email to the class email address a week would be great from everyone.

We want to hear from you to know that you
are all ok. If we haven’t had any contact from you via email or we can’t see that children have logged in online, we may call
you. This is not checking up on you - it is genuine concern.  This is also because we have an obligation to ensure that you are all ok. 

Enter text..



Year 1's Home Learning 


Thank you year 1!  

We are absolutely blown away with your lovely messages this morning – what a beautiful way for us to start our days!  Seeing your smiling faces and hearing your messages has touched us so, so much.  We can’t thank you enough for being so thoughtful.  We are missing you all so much and can’t wait to get back to school and see you all again.  Please thank all of your grown ups for the effort they have gone to in making this fabulous video. 

Have a super day.

Love From Mrs Campbell and Mrs Imeson  x

Look at Year 1 shining brightly!  

Rafe is shining brightly learning to ride his bike!  Well done Rafe! 

Here's Molly shining brightly, learning to ride her bike without stabilisers too!  Well done Molly!

Here's Freya shining brightly riding her bike too! 

Well done Freya!

Well done to Matthew, he has learned to ride his bike too! 

Well done William!

He has also learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers!  

We are so proud of Jazzy for shining very brightly.  She watched the videos of her classmates riding their bikes and was spurred on to learn herself. She’s been really determined and has persevered to achieve her goal.  

Have a look at Matthew's Space project below.  So many ways you are shining brightly here Matthew!

Amoree is cooling down in her pool.

Here's Amoree teaching us all some dance!

William's super obstacle course - doesn't it look fun!  William also shone brightly by making the course simpler for his brother - how kind.    

Find out about 'Toys - Now and Then' by reading this excellent project.   

Watch William make a fruit cake.  

Can you follow the recipe and make one too? 

Or could you send a recipe recommendation in?  

Watch William zoom down the skate ramp on his scooter!

Voyager Class - Miss Browne will be your new teacher in September!

Discovery Class - Miss Bond will be your new teacher in September!

Please look above and watch the videos that your new teachers for September have made for you.

Miss Browne-

Miss Bond -

Mathletics Information.


                      Parent Pack



Mathletics support at home for parents


Mathletics Student console Short guide


Mathletics guide for distance learning - under 7 years


Monday 13th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes




Join in with the Counting by fives song. 



Can you count in 5's to 100?  Point to the multiples of 5 on your 100 square. 

What do you notice?  

Eg.  Each number is 5 more than the number before.  


100 Square



This week in English we will be completing a Talk For Writing unit of work called Sidney Spider.  Read the story (below) then complete the activities here.

The first activity is talking about the story together with a grown up.

In the second activity you have to work out who said what! 


Remember you can join in with one of the phonics sessions each day.

If you find these sessions a bit long you could always choose a section of the lesson to join in with.   


Read together or listen to the story of Sidney Spider.

  Lots of our activities will be based on this story for the next 2 weeks.



Sidney Spider Story

Keeping Active

Join in with virtual sports day!  click here.

Or do a PE session with Joe Wicks.


Other Learning


Complete the online safety 

Activity 7





Tuesday 14th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes


Login to your Mathletics account.  Click into the 'Learn' area to see what activities we have set for you to do complete .



For an extra challenge complete the 5 times table questions here.


Read or listen to the story of Sidney Spider then try and answer the

questions in the quiz.

Click here for the quiz.

You can answer the questions in your home

learning book.   





Read together or listen to the story

of Sidney Spider


Sidney Spider Story
Keeping Active




 Join in with the 5 times table dance and song.  


Other Learning

 Whole school activity


Everyone has a favourite proverb or wise saying. Talk to adults at home or at school about proverbs that they think give wise advice. See examples on the power point.  On the brick template write a proverb and then draw an illustration to represent the words of wisdom. Remember to keep hold of your work and bring it back to school with you so we can build a ‘Wall of Wisdom.’


Click here for powerpoint 

Click here for brick template



Wednesday 15th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Login to your Mathletics account.  Click into the 'Learn' area to complete some more of the activities we have set for you this week.  





Sidney wrote a letter to his friends but he needs some help with his capital letters and full stops!  Read through Sidney's letter then help him to put in the correct capital letters and full stops where needed.

Click here for Sidney's letter.




Play 'Dragons Den'


Phase 5 - Interactive game.  

Either revise all the phase 5 sounds or choose a specific sound to practise.  

Username - march20

Password - home


Keeping Active

 Log onto Joe Wicks for his morning work out.


Complete the golden mile with someone at home.


Take a look at the activities from the youth sports trust. There are lots to try here

Other Learning



Mrs Brown liked to sing, Incy Wincy Spider. Can you sing Incy Wincy then make up some actions?
Or you can say the words yourself with members of your family.     

Whole school activity

Coats of Arms

Have you ever seen a coat of arms? 

You don’t need to go to castle to see one, instead you can sometimes find them on the back of coins!

Coats of arms tell people about what the person, family or country have done that is brilliant or what is special about them.

Your task is to create a coat of arms to represent you or your family.  Click the link to get more information about coats of arms. 

You may also want to come up with your own motto for the bottom.


Thursday 16th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Login to Mathletics.  If you have completed all the activities set try playing some live matches.   

 Can you solve these calculations to 20 by counting on.

Click here to have a go.


Where could Sidney hide to be safe? 



 Read the poem all about the little spider. Click on the picture below.

See the source image



Keeping Active


Complete the 'golden mile' with somebody at home.

Other Learning

Whole School Activity

History: Mrs Morris is fascinated with people who have changed the world. Use the link below to choose a famous person from history (or choose your own), watch your chosen clip and create a fact file of their achievements.

Or can you make an itsy bitsy spider hand puppet.  Make 4 holes in your spider for 4 of its legs and use wool, string, paper or pipe cleaners to  make the other 4.

  Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet for Fine Motor Play - Nursery rhyme crafts Nursery rhymes activities Rhyming activities Toddler crafts Nursery rhymes preschool Crafts - Nursery Rhyme Crafts, Nursery Rhymes Preschool, Nursery Activities, Nursery Rhyme Theme, Theme Halloween, Toddler Halloween Crafts, Halloween Games For Preschoolers, Halloween Preschool Activities, Rhyming Activities



Friday 17th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

 Practise your number bonds to 20 but remember to do them in order so you don't leave any out.  Click the image below to listen to the song to help you.  Image result for number bonds 20 picture 


Using the facts from below.  Create your own poster about spiders.  Use pictures, sentences and some headings.  





Read the spider facts to find out all about spiders.

Click the spider below to read

Image result for spider clipart


Keeping Active

Click on Spiderman below for a Spiderman workout.

Image result for spiderman


Other Learning

Take a walk.

Go for a walk in your local area.  Look for evidence of flowers, seeds, berries and fruits.

Did you find some plants that would disperse their seeds through wind, animals, water or even explosion? 

Watch the clip to find out how plants spread their seeds. 


Extra challenge 

Use the template to make a helicopter seed and explore how it flies. 

Cut along the solid black lines and fold the dotted lines as shown in the picture.   

Helicopter template





Leave a question or a comment for your teachers here...

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Mrs Campbell(a couple of days ago)

Hi Tommy, It's great to hear 3 things all about you. I too love McDonald's chips they are very yummy! I love all colours but I especially like pink and yellow. I am so excited to find out more about you and all of your classmates in September! Thanks for your message. Mrs Campbell.x

Lara(about a week ago)

I miss you molly

Tommy oakley(about a week ago)

Hi Mrs Campbell, Tommy would like to tell you the three things about himself: his favourite food is McDonald’s chips with LOADS and LOADS of tomato ketchup!, he LOVES playing games with Super Mario in and his favourite colour is blue. Looking forward to getting to know you in September. Bye for now Ceri Tommy’s mum

Mrs Imeson(less than a month ago)

Hooray! Thanks Molly - have a lovely weekend. x

Molly Hart(less than a month ago)

Hello Mrs Imeson, yes I'm a slug! love Molly

Mrs Imeson(less than a month ago)

Are you a slug Molly?

Mrs Imeson(less than a month ago)

You are right William. It is a butterfly - well done. x

William H(less than a month ago)

Is it a butterfly?

Molly Hart(less than a month ago)

Hello Mrs Imeson it's not a snail, have another guess. Molly x

Mrs Imeson(less than a month ago)

Well done Lara and Molly - it is a spider! Are you a snail Molly?

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Username - march20

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