Story - Platypus and the Birthday Party

 Click here to see pictures from the story book. 

Click here to hear the Winnie the witch story. 

Just for fun!

Can you guess which of our 50 best books the pictures represent? Comment below or email us with your answers.  We will reveal the answers later on this week!

Click below to see the quiz.



Year 1's Home Learning 





Hello Voyager and Discovery classes.  Welcome to our home learning hub.

Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 1.  Wow!  We have been overwhelmed with the fantastic work you have been sending to us.  We love hearing what you have been up to and seeing your work so thank you Year 1!    

Well done to those children who tried our 50 best books quiz.  The answers are posted in the comments below for those of you who may still want to try.  Have a great Easter break and stay safe. 

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Imeson. 



Nessy update;
If you would like to play some reading and spelling games on your computer please email us to get a Nessy login.  We are sure you will have lots of fun playing on the Nessy site.  


Press play below to hear Mrs Campbell read 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen.

Monday 30th March 2020

Subject Activity Notes

 Play snakes and ladders.

 At school children were given  snakes and ladder print outs and dice with their home learning books.   



Play - Days of the week.

Phase 5 - Interactive game.  

Username - march20

Password - home


Read a selection of poems about friends and family and choose your favourite.  Why did you like the poem?


Keeping Active

Make up a fitness routine and see if your family could do it too!

Click here for movement ideas.

Other Learning

Add to the list you made last week of  the people in your family. Who are they?
What do you call them?   

Why are they special to you?
Maybe they could get a photograph or draw a family member before they write about them.



Tuesday 31st March 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Click and play Biggest wins.


We have played this game in class. 

Write happiness notes for your family and leave them around your home.  

You could design cards to write your happiness messages in.  Draw pictures on the front that will make people smile.  


Read your school reading book or a book from the link below.


You have to register for this site and it contains many free ebooks.  
Keeping Active

Play the bean game that you played last week.  

Click here

Other Learning

Learn a days of the week song.  

Try out one of the links listed in a column to the right.


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Can you add one more to a number?  

Click the link below and select the addition truck.  You can the select - Up to 20 - one more.

As an extra challenge you can explore some of the other maths games on the link.  You could also record some of the number sentences you solve.                       

Eg      15+1=16


Play - Flash card. Speed Trial.  Select ALL graphemes.  

Write a list of some of the graphemes you saw.  


Phase 5 - Interactive game.  

Username - march20

Password - home

You could write a word to accompany each grapheme you list.                                                              Eg   ou-out     aw- saw     ll-hill


Listen to a story read.

Keeping Active

Have a go at the fast paced Peanut Butter in a Cup, a good way to practise learning your left from your right!
Other Learning




Design a flag for your school house.

Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune.


The winner will be chosen when we go back to school and the winning flag will be made!

Think carefully about the design as it will need to be simple and effective.  Make sure you include the house name.


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Complete lesson 1 on this site - An introduction to weight and mass.  

There is an activity sheet - this does not need to be printed and filled it.  You can talk about the questions and encourage the children to use the language heavier and lighter.

Complete a book review on one of the books you have read or listened to -                                            What did you like about it?                                      Would you recommend it to anyone?


Click here to see the picture.

Use your prediction skills!  Where do you think the boy will travel to?  What adventure will he have?

If you want to write your prediction down you can, but don’t forget your full stops and capital letters.
Keeping Active How many times can you hop on one foot?  See if you can beat your own record!
Other Learning

Go on a material hunt around your home.  

Click here for the material hunt sheet.  


Friday 3rd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Work on Numbots.


How many common exception words can you find in a book?  

Year 1 Common Exception Word Mat



Listen to a story read.

Keeping Active

Roll the dice you had in your home pack and jump the number of times it says.  Can you add together your number of jumps?

Other Learning

Practise quickly recalling any addition number facts to 10.                                                    Eg 4+3=7  8+2=10   4+2=6

The Numbots site will be good for practising these facts.  

Click for here for an Easter Egg Hunt.

After the holiday we will give you a link for maths facts awards.  


Leave a question or a comment for your teachers here...

Comments (9)
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Mrs Campbell(about a day ago)

Hi Sophie, I just saw a photograph of the beautiful rainbow you made, how lovely! I bet lots of people love seeing that when they walk past! Mrs Campbell.x

Sophie(about a day ago)

Hi Mrs Campbell, I made a rainbow and Nathan made an alien to put in our window so that people can see them and do the activities we put next to them. What have you been doing Mrs Campbell? Love Sophie

Mrs Campbell(about a day ago)

Well done to all of the children who had a go at the 50 best books quiz. Here are the answers: 1) The Tiger Who Came To Tea. 2) Chocolate Cake. 3) The Rainbow Fish 4) Storm Whale 5) Man On The Moon.

Lara Cuthbert(a couple of days ago)

hello mrs cambell. i have been playing with my rabbits i have been playing build a burrow. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun Lara! From Mrs Campbell x

Lara Cuthbert(a couple of days ago)

Chocolate Cake! We loved your choice - my brother likes it too. Thanks Lara! I can't resist chocolate cake either! Mrs Campbell.

Mrs Imeson and Mrs Campbell(a couple of days ago)

Well done to Matthew for successfully completing the 50 best book quiz.

Mrs Imeson and Mrs Campbell(a couple of days ago)

Well done to both William H and Ethan for correctly guessing all of the 50 best books in the challenge. We have not posted your answers in case anyone else is still thinking!

Mrs Imeson(less than a week ago)

Thank you William. I loved seeing the pictures of your puppet making and your amazing theatre!

William Hodges(less than a week ago)

Thank you for all the fun work you have given us. I have really enjoyed doing it especially making puppets and a theatre!

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Username - march20

Password - home

Oxford Owl for Home

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The Numbots Maths link below is where you sign into play addition games.  The children have logins for this and we can see how they are getting on.


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