Mrs Fudge
Mrs Fudge

NEw starters September 2020

Update 21st July 2020

Hello, we wish you all a super Summer holiday. Keep safe and we can't wait to meet you in September. 

When you come to school in September please remember your clearly named water bottle. We will keep these water bottles in school and we will refresh them each morning and they will then go home with you on a Friday after school to be cleaned over the weekend and returned on the Monday morning. 

Look out for email updates from Mrs Clarke.

See you all soon. 

Update 13th July 2020

Good Morning, we hope you have had an enjoyable weekend. 

You should all have received an email on Friday with lots of information about the dates and times for your child's transition into school. If you have not received yours yet, please do email Mrs Wheeler on the admin email address. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you and your children this week and getting to know you a little bit.  We have tried to call everyone, unless you have asked for phone calls at specific times due to work commitments, in which case we will be calling you on Monday and Tuesday. Our numbers will show as 'withheld' so please do answer.

In the meantime the BBC bitesize website has some fantastic material for getting ready for school. Why not take a look

Is your child ready to recognise numbers and start counting? If so you could play Bud's Number Garden on there.

Update 6th July

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today Mrs Hill has uploaded a couple of videos for you. One is a song for you to join in with and the other is a story for you to listen to.

We hope you enjoy them.

We will begin telephoning you all this week so if an unknown number comes up on your phone it may well be us calling to say hello!

Sing a song with Mrs Hill

Share a story with Mrs Hill


Update Monday 29th June 2020

Good Morning, I hope you are all finding this web page useful.

There is a really nice story game to play with your child on the BBC Bitesize website. Click on the link below to play this game with your child. Take your time and remember to speak positively about the school experience that your child will have when they join us.

Click here to play the story game

You will be receiving a pack in the post in the coming days which will inform you of your child's class teacher. There are also some really important contact details forms for you to complete and return to school please. As the postal service is taking slightly longer than usual at the moment, please contact us if you have not received your pack by Friday 3rd July


Mrs Clarke's welcome
Mrs Clarke's welcome

Hello and a very warm welcome to St Mary’s CE Primary School. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in person over the coming weeks and months. At St Mary’s we have ‘Faith in Everyone to Shine Brightly’ and we can’t wait to meet all your little stars!

We are currently living in very different times. This week we would have expected to invite you all into school however, we are now having to get used to doing far more online and virtually. Some of you we will already know well and some will be stepping into school for the first time, possibly since your own schooling. We appreciate that some of your children and possibly some of you won't have even had the opportunity to visit the school in person yet and we hope that the information we share here will help you become more familiar with the school building.  We absolutely understand what a time of mixed emotions this is for parents. As a parent of young children myself, I can certainly appreciate the excitement I felt for my children when they started school for the first time. I knew that they would have so many exciting opportunities. I was also aware though, that they would suddenly have a life that was away from me and that I may not be as involved. At St Mary’s we tried to overcome this - we love to share everything your child is doing with you and this is where the Interactive Learning Diary comes into its own. We use this online platform to give you a window into life in school but we also love to see everything that children learn at home. The Interactive Learning Diary is a fantastic way to share home with school. Young children love to learn and they do it without really knowing it. School isn’t about sitting at desks at this age. It’s about exploring through play and learning from all the experiences they have.

You will always be your child’s first and most important teacher. Everything we do at school builds on the learning you have already started with your child. They will follow your example and you will be the biggest influence of your child’s learning throughout their lives. Teachers come and go each year but for your child, you will be the consistent influence. We find that children whose parents are supportive and work closely with the school thrive. We encourage parents to come into school to discuss any concerns they may have and that parents refrain from having conversations about these concerns in front of children. If children know that you trust the school then they will feel safe and secure with us. If they pick up on any anxieties you may have, then that might cause them to be unnecessarily anxious.

Our main priority at St Mary’s is to ensure your child thrives with us. Ensuring children feel safe, secure and happy will also help children to make progress in all aspects of life, helping to build confidence, independence and resilience. We have faith in everyone to shine brightly and we are looking forward to seeing your child do just that.

Mrs Clarke




Due to the current uncertainty around children returning to school we have created this webpage to support all of our new starters for September 2020. 

We will be posting transition information on this page to help you and your child begin to familiarise yourselves with the school and the staff before your child begins with us in September. 

Please check this page regularly for updated information and updated stories and songs to enable your child to begin to engage with us here at St. Mary's. 

We hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about the school and how you can continue to get your child ready for school over the coming weeks and months. 

We would usually invite you into school for a 'New Starter' meeting in the Summer term however due to the current situation we are being creative and developing new ways to communicate and share information with our families; current and new. 

Firstly, get yourselves a drink and find somewhere comfortable to sit and watch the parent meeting, which we would have been holding in the school hall. Hopefully this will answer some of those questions you may have. 

Mrs Helen Fudge

EYFS Lead & Reception Teacher



Please find a virtual tour of some of the main areas your child will encounter when they first visit school. 


Click on the picture below to have a story read to you by Mrs Hill

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