Mrs Fudge
Mrs Fudge

Welcome to Term 6

Mrs Fudge wanted to share a story with you all about Shining Brightly

Bike riding

EYFS's Home Learning Hub

How We Shine - Learning At Home

(Term 5's slideshows are at the bottom of the page just above the comments box.)

Remember Mathletics will finish on Friday.  These are the last days to be on it!

Here are some video messages from Mrs Campbell and Mrs Imeson.  They are going to be your new teachers in September!  Mrs Campbell will be teaching Mrs Fudge's class and Mrs Imeson will be teaching Mrs Hill's class.  They can't wait to meet you!

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Imeson

Update Thursday 16th July

It's Think about it Thursday.  Here's something to think about and discuss:

Would you rather be very wise or have a million pounds?

Don't forget it's zoom today!  We're looking forward to seeing you!

Update Wednesday 15th July

We hope that all of you who made the zoom meeting yesterday enjoyed it as much as Mrs Imeson and Mrs Campbell did!  They say thank you for the lovely emails and comments  you are sending.  Please don't stop, they love hearing from you.

Today is Wonderful Wednesday!  What do you think is wonderful?  What feels you full of wonder?

Mrs Hill thinks the sky is wonderful.  Whenever she looks up at it she always feels a little happier.  Why not write your wonder in the comments box or send it in an email!

Remember Mathletics finishes on Friday so this will be the last chance to try and complete everything!

Tuesday 14th July

It's Try It Tuesday and there are two new words for us to try.

"Discoveryis the word for Mrs Fudge's class 


"Voyager" is the word for Mrs Hill's class.

These are the names of your classes in September.  See if you can find out what they mean and put them into a sentence! 

Don't forget zoom is at 9:30 so the details will be sent out about 15 mins before the meeting

Monday 13th July

The weather looks like it's going to be better so here is the start of a wonderful week!

It's Mindset Monday so here' is something we should all remember:

Action for Happiness on Twitter: "No act of kindness, no matter ...


Update Friday 10th July

It's Fantastic Friday!  Think about what has been fantastic about this week?  What has been really good and talk about it with your family. Remembering good things helps us to feel good.

Do you want to know what else is fantastic?  Next week Mrs Campbell and Mrs Imeson will be doing a zoom with their new classes!  How brilliant is that!  More details will be emailed out soon.

Update Thursday 9th July 

It's our zoom day!  Don't forget to sign in with your name or your parents name so we can let you  in.

"It is Think About It Thursday" here's something to think about and talk about with people in your house.

Would you rather have super strength or be able to fly?


 Some of the friendly faces you might be missing from our classes. They all send their best wishes and can't wait to see you all again

Oxford Owl Update

We have set up class logins for the children to make it easier.  On the homepage click the "My class login" button.

For Endeavour -   Username:  SM Endeavour        Password: shinebrightly

For Challenger -   Username: SM Challenger         Password: shinebrightly

Monday 13th July 2020

Subject Activity




Watch the powerpoint movie and see if you know the missing numbers!


Create your own missing teen number problem for someone in your house to solve.  Remember you will be the teacher so you will have to check it’s right!


Click here for Missing Teen Numbers


What is a question?

 Questions are when we want to know something.  They usually start with “Who, why , what, where, when or how”


 See if you can ask questions today.  Use the question starters to help you!  

This is about talking so no writing, just asking lots and lots of questions.  See if you can ask at least 10 different questions

Don't forget the DfE are providing some really good phonics lessons daily. 

Please note the Department of Education is using Youtube and so an adult should be with you as you watch it so it doesn't change to a different video.

Click here for Question Starters

Click here for the DofE phonic lesson


Choose  one of the phonic stories. 

See if you can spot the digraphs and trigraphs in it?

The light in the night


Claire at the fun fair


The Fox and the Owl


The mixture in the picture


Sam the cat


The mermaid in the river

Keeping Active

Try Mrs Hill's favourite dance

The Gummy Bear Dance!


Click here for the Gummy bear dance
Other Learning


Continue learning about online safety at home with the next lesson from Think U Know.



Click here for safer internet activity


Tuesday 14th July 2020

Subject Activity




 Picture Proof

 If Mrs Hill said 2+2=5 I would hope you would all be shouting “NO!”

But how could you prove to her that she was wrong?  Using objects or drawing pictures helps to prove we are right.


See if you can find all the different ways to make 10 but you have to draw a picture to prove  you are right.  Click the example to see how you might do it.

Click here for example


Yesterday we practised asking questions.  Today you need to think about asking questions you would like to find the answer to when you are in year 1. 

For example:   “How do seeds get inside of apples?”


“Why do you have to wear a space suit in space?”


Where do anteaters live?


How does a TV work?


If you want to email your questions we can pass them on to your new teacher.


Click here for Question Starters



Choose  a different phonic story from the on you read yesterday.  See if you can spot the digraphs and trigraphs in it.


The light in the night


Claire at the fun fair


The Fox and the Owl


The mixture in the picture


Sam the cat


The mermaid in the river

Keeping Active

IIt’s been a while but today choose 2 activities from our skills at home.  See if there is something you haven't tried!

Click here TGL PE challenges

Other Learning


Everyone has a favourite proverb or wise saying.

Mrs Hill's favourite is an African proverb which says:

He who does not know one thing, knows another"

Which means that no one can know everything and if you don't know the answer to the question you probably know something else that everyone else doesn't know.

You need to read through the powerpoint and then talk to people in your house about proverbs they like and wise advice. 

Then choose your favourite and write it down.  We are hoping to make a wall of wisdom so if you can print off the brick then write your proverb on the brick and when you got to year 1 give it to your teacher and they will make sure it goes to help build the wall of wisdom.


Click here for Wisdom powerpoint


Wednesday15th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

It’s Mathletics time and from now until Friday we have a challenge to see how many of the activities you can do!

We are only going to set one then you choose what you do and in which order.

Some super stars have already completed every activity there is on Mathletics!  See if you can do the same and if you find one tricky don’t worry you can do it again and get better!

Click here for Mathletics



Mrs Fudges Fantastic Phonics

Recap and go over the phonics we have learnt this year!

Try to play at least 20 minutes of Nessy.  How many new words will you learn to read and spell


click here for phonics 

Click here to play Nessy



We have the 50 best books for Foundation.  But which book or books do you think are the best? 

Choose one or more and share them with someone in your house.  See how much you can read and remember!


Keeping Active

Choose from doing:

15 star jumps


10 hops


20 step ups


running on the spot for a minute


(If you want a challenge see if you can do all 4 of them one after the other!)

Other Learning

Coats of Arms

Have you ever seen a coat of arms? 

You don’t need to go to castle to see one, instead you can sometimes find them on the back of coins!

Coats of arms tell people about what the person, family or country have done that is brilliant or what is special about them.

Your task is to create a coat of arms to represent you or your family.  Click the link to get more information about coats of arms. 

You may also want to come up with your own motto for the bottom.

 Click here for Coats of Arms information



Thursday 16th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes


It’s Mathletics time and from now until Friday we have a challenge to see how many of the activities you can do!

We aren’t going to set them so you choose what you so and in which order.

Some super stars have already completed every activity there is on Mathletics!  See if you can do the same and if you find one tricky don’t worry you can do it again and get better!.

Click here for Mathletics.

Yesterday you thought about your best book or books.  Today see if you can tell someone in your house what the story is about without saying “ummmmmm”

For example:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks is a naughty girl who creeps into the bears house and get into trouble.


You don’t need to tell the whole story just give an outline



Play buried treasure on Phonics Play (level/stage 4) 

See if you can make the pirates dance by reading the word and putting it in the right place!






You need to go to resources and then choose buried treasure)

Click here for phonics play

Keeping Active

Gummy Bear Dance –

how much can you remember?

Click here for the Gummy bear danc

Other Learning


Mrs Morris is fascinated with people who have changed the world. Use the link to choose a famous person from history (or choose your own), watch your chosen clip and create a fact file of their achievements. If you want to explore your character further, you could explore other site.

 (make sure your grown up is with you to help you do this)


Click here for famous people


Friday 17th July 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Last chance  to see how many of the activities you can do on Mathletics!

Click here for Mathletics



Design a poster for your best book or books.

On it see if you can write what it is about, or why people should read it. You will also need to write the title and draw a picture

click the examples to see Mrs Hill's favourite book and poster


Click here for Mrs Hill's book review poster



Login to Oxford Owl and choose either a new book to read or go back to a favourite.

Don't forget if you get stuck you can press the play button and it will read it to you

Don't forget to use the "my login"

Click here for Oxford Owl

Keeping Active

Have some fun!

Play the move and freeze game

Click here for the move and freeze
Other Learning

Take a walk.

Go for a walk in your local area.  Look for evidence of flowers, seeds, berries and fruits.

Did you find some plants that would disperse their seeds through wind, animals, water or even explosion? 


Watch the clip to find out how plants spread their seeds. 

Click here for to find out how plants spread their seeds?


Click on the picture below to have a story read to you by Mrs Hill


Leave a question or a comment for your teachers here...

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Mrs Imeson(about a week ago)

Thank you for the message Frankie - I look forward to seeing the four things you write about yourself.

Mrs Hill(about a week ago)

WOW Frankie super problem solving and I'll pass the message on to Mrs Imeson

Frankie Wheeler(about a week ago)

Hi Frankie here the missing number is 8 in the pattern. Thank you for your video Mrs Imeson , I will write down my 4 things about me soon. Thanks

Mrs Imeson(about a week ago)

It was lovely to meet so many of you during Mrs Hill's Zoom meeting this morning. It sounds like you have all been very busy! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Frankie Wheeler(less than a month ago)

Hi forgot to message yesterday regarding the spot the differences, there were 10 that I could see, hope I am correct.

Mrs Hill(less than a month ago)

WOW Sebastian and Freddie! You both are very good at spotting. I will let everyone know tomorrow so no-one cheats.

Sebastian Pimble(less than a month ago)

We found 10 differences on the spot the difference picture :)

Freddie Rainbow(less than a month ago)

He found 10 differences in total; the lighthouse, extra waves, the seaguls, the deck chairs, suncreams, shells, sandcastle shells, the ball, the bucket colour, the sail colour. Did he get them all?

Mrs Hill(less than a month ago)

Well done Siena, you got me giggling too! I've shared it at the top.

Siena Quinn(less than a month ago)

What did the snowman say to the other snowman? ‘Do you smell carrots?’

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