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The chicken dance

Welcome Challenger and Endeavour!

Update Friday 3rd April

Good morning!  Would you believe it is nearly the Easter holidays and you marvellous learners will soon have completed two weeks of the learning hub virtual classroom.  We have been so impressed with your pictures and hard work and so pleased to see everyone is making it fun.    

As we have been thinking about seasons and spring in particular, we have a wonderful story about a lovable bear who comes out of hibernation.  Hibernation is something some animals do over the winter where they sleep all through the cold and only wake up when it's getting warmer.  We hope you enjoy the story and maybe you could find out about some other animals who hibernate!

Update Thursday 2nd April

Good morning everyone. Well it is Mrs Fudge's turn to read the story today and 'The Selfish Crocodile' won the vote so click in the left hand column to hear the story!

selfish croc

I would just like to add how wonderful it has been  to see so many photographs appearing in our emails this week. Those photos really do brighten our day so keep them coming and we will include them in the slideshow above.

Have a great day everyone!



Monday 30th March 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Practise counting to 20 and back again.

Play "Count'em". This should be played for 20 minutes. Make sure you are counting carefully. 

Click here for the game

Practise reading and recognising our tricky words

Write a sentence or 2 about what you did at the weekend. Include as many tricky words as you can from your list and also don't forget capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

Click here for tricky word practise

Click here for a tricky word mat to help you when you write


Read Big Bad Bug on Oxford Owl.  

If you are enjoying reading and would like some more try a phonic comic book.  Phase 2, 3 or 4 is for us

Click here for a link to Oxford Owl 

Click here for Phonic comic books

Keeping Active Try an 8 minute work out with the body coach Click here to workout with the body coach
Other Learning Bring a little sunshine into people's life.  Create sun art to put in your window


Tuesday 31st March 2020

Subject Activity Notes
Mathematics Play the Numbots continuing on from where ever you got to last week.

If your child hasn't got a login letter and password please email and we can send them to you

Click here for Numbots


Recap  your phonics.  Remember to say the sound not the letter name.

Use your phonics to write 1 or 2 simple sentences about the picture. 

Say the sentence first and count how many words you will  need to write.  Remember to start with a capital letter, put a finger space between each word and finish with a full stop. Please email these to us.

Click here for a phonic mat

Click here for the picture

Reading Read Big Bad Bug again on Oxford Owl.   Practise reading it fluently and with expression.  Then do activity 1 and drag the labels on to the picture Click here for a link to Oxford Owl 
Keeping Active "Move it" and dance with a Zumba  workout Click here for "Move it" work out
Other Learning Create a sock puppet  Click here for information about puppets and how to make your own.


Wednesday 1st April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

count to 20 and back.  What if you start on 12?  Can you count on and back?

What season is it? 

Work out which season it is?

Click here for our season work

Do you know what will be happening soon?

Have a look at the picture and talk about what is happening.  

Focus on using the tricky words "They are."  Write one of your sentences down and see if you can spell the tricky words without looking at the mat.

Click here for a tricky word mat to help you when you write

Click here for the picture

Reading Read Big Bad Bug again on Oxford Owl.   Practise reading it fluently and with expression.  Then do activity 2 and  complete the missing words in the sentence.  Try and read the sentences on your own and try out each word to find the right one. Click here for a link to Oxford Owl 
Keeping Active

Join in with the chicken dance.

See if you can get other people to join in with you.

Click here for the chicken dance
Other Learning

Last term we focused on the "Happiness Approach".  We are going to carry it on to make ourselves and others happy.

Plan one kind act that you can do for someone else and then do it.  Even better if it's a secret act of kindness.

Click here for some ideas of kind acts


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Seasons Art

Based on your work yesterday think about how trees can show us what the different seasons are.  

Draw, colour, paint or make 4 trees one for each season.  Think about what each tree will look like and how it will look different.


On Sunday 5th April it will be Palm Sunday which is a special time for Christians.

Look at the story of Palm Story and think about what you might have felt if you were waiting to see Jesus.  Write a sentence pretending you were there,

Click here for the Palm Sunday Story
Reading Recap the graphemes we have learnt and then play "Dragon's Den" on Phonics Play.  You can either choose phase 3 or phase 4.

Click here for Phonics Play

username: March20

password: home

Keeping Active

Try to do 3 activities from GoNoodle. 

See if you can find a new one.  You can always email in your favourite one and we can share your suggestions with everyone else

Click here to get to Go Noodle


If you haven't signed up it's easy and free for most of it

Other Learning Make palm leaves ready for Palm Sunday Click here on ideas how to make palm leaves


Friday 3rd April 2020

Subject Activity Notes

Months of the year

Practise singing the months of year and saying them in order.

Which month is you birthday in?  How about a friend's birthday?  What other months are busy for your family?  How many months until the next family birthday?

If you have a calendar why not write them all on there so you don't forget, or if they are already there what else could you put on the calendar to remember.

Another idea here is based around the story 'We're going on an egg hunt'. Listen to the story here

click here to hear We're going on an Egg Hunt

and see the next box for your activities to follow the story! We can't wait to hear what shapes you've found. 

Click here for the months of year


Click here for your shape hunt ideas


When we write sentences it's important to check they make sense by reading them. 

Play the sentence substitution game on Phonics play and change the sentence around.  Read it back and see if it makes sense and if it doesn't how can you make it better.  (All the sentences are phonetic so they are for the children to read)

Click here for Phonics Play

username: March20

password: home

Reading Choose a book you would recommend to a friend to read and read it with an adult.  Tell them why people would like to read it.  Email in your book choice and we can put in on the website for other friends to read.
Keeping Active

Think about the "Move it" dance you did on  Tuesday.  How could you improve it. 

Practise the Zumba  workout.  

Click here for "Move it" work out
Other Learning Spring is a season of change. Have a look at the video clip and think about the signs of spring.  Over the next couple of weeks draw pictures or take photos of what you can see out of your window or in your garden and see if you can spot any changes or signs of spring. Click here for the spring video

Click on the picture below to have a story read to you by Mrs Hill

News Flash!   from Mrs Lambe

Steps 2 Summit logins reported to be working.  Remember, it works on PC's, Laptops and iPads but not mobile phones.  There is also a 'Joe Wicks' button ready for you to add your morning exercise sessions!

Have fun.


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Mrs Hill(about a day ago)

We have only opened writing and spelling for Nessy at the moment, the writing beach might open later. Those are the only ones open to the school at the moment. The games should be progressive so some will open up as you get further along the levels. Does that help? I hope so :)

Katie Wheeler(about a day ago)

Hi thought I’d share unsure clicking on some of the nessy some won’t open and this comes up will they open soon ?

Mrs Hill(a couple of days ago)

I'm so pleased. I had great fun doing it this morning too! :)

Sebastian Pimble(a couple of days ago)

The chicken dance went down well. Sebastian and his sister Piper had lots of fun!

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